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Movie Posters: Pixels

More posters and the trailer after the jump!
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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Romance in Video Games

There are a lot of couples in video games, but is there romance? Mario and Peach, Luigi and Daisy, Link and Zelda, The Brooding Loner and the Star-crossed Japanese Flower Girl Who Loves Him, and — of course — Samus and the baby Metroid. Do any of these games do romance well, or is it just assumed? And how far is too far with player-to-NPC romance? Sean and Vinnk wonder if video games can truly ever be your Valentine as they discuss these problems, the likelihood of your characters ever finding true digital love, and the potentially unfortunate state of Princess Zelda’s armpit hair.

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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week

Look, we all miss Conan. Its OK. Lets move on.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is probably the most geek friendly network TV show on the air, and they tested the limits. This week was “Video Game Week” since Jimmy couldn’t go to E3, he brought on a game demo every night. Last night for the finale he had Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Amie show of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Jimmy mentions the last DK game he played was on N64, and then Reggie tried to correct him by saying it was a Super NES game. Nintendo’s revisionist history at work.

Hit the jump for demos for Jimmy playing Killzone 3, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Kinect, and Call Of Duty Black Ops. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Top 10 Best Trailers Of E3

e3.jpgIts the last day of E3, and all the publishers, studios, businessmen, designers, and artists have played their best hand of the year. There is no comparison in any other industry. Imagine if Hollywood showed a trailer for every movie of the next year on the same weekend. Thats crazy! And yet its E3.

In that spirit, those of us who follow at home don’t get hands on impressions, we just get 2 minute snippets of the games we’ll be playing from now until next E3. Who had the best?
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Powet Alphabet: S is for 16-bit

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.
The sixteen bit era of video games is considered by many to be the bridge between the past and modern eras of video gaming, and there were two kings of the ring: Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega’s Genesis. Though there were more powerful systems that sprang up around the time, it would be these two that would outlast and outperform all of them, thanks to their accessibility. This was due not only to the technologies that the two systems boasted under the hood, but also with the library of games that were released for the two. It also gave rise to some of those most heated fanboy wars of our hobby. If you think system wars are bad now, you should have seen how bad it was during the 16-bit days, especially when system manufacturers were openly taking pot shots at each other. However, it was pointless for fanboys of both systems to argue with each other, as both systems not only had an equally impressive library of games (even if many multiplatform releases on the Sega Genesis tended to have inferior audio and visual quality to their SNES counterparts), but they outlasted and outsold the more powerful systems that sprang up around the same period. Click below to take a look back at one of gaming’s most exciting eras.
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Monday Mashups: Dane Boe

Dane Boe of knows how to mash. Sure theres a thousand Mugen videos on Youtube, and there’s no shortage of flash junk on Newgrounds either. But these simple and to the point videos are ridiculous fun and have better production values than you might expect.

Watch two more films putting pitting Contra and Sonic against easy targets. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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$20 Game of the Week: Tetris DS (Nintendo DS)

Tetris is one of the oldest and most endearing puzzle games ever. Most other puzzle games that have come out since then have not steered too far away from Tetris’s basic design. So how does the age old-formula manage to remain fresh for its Nintendo DS debut? Nintendo has combined Tetris’s classic gameplay with the look and feel of several of its classic franchises, added several new game variations, and added online play to boot. Even the classic version of the game has a new twist; as players create lines, Mario moves through the levels. Puzzle mode, which has its look inspired by Yoshi’s cookie, has players using a set amount of blocks in order to clear the screen. Mission mode, inspired by Legend of Zelda, has players completing lines while having to follow various rules, such as not being able to use a certain block. Touch mode, which is taken from balloon fight, has players use the touch screen to slide blocks into place to clear the screen, kinda like those slide puzzles. A mode inspired by Metroid has players scrolling upwards, kinda like a vertical shooter. You combine falling pieces into clusters of blocks to get rid of them. Finally, a duel mode inspired by Donkey Kong, has players making lines in order to push the stack onto their opponent. In short, Nintendo has done so much more than simply regurgitate another version of Tetris with touch screen controls. They have created an all new way to experience Tetris, and created a must-have title for the Nintendo DS.

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The King Of Kong Trailer is the official site for “The King Of Kong: A Fistfull Of Quarters” a documentary film about Billy Mitchell, the worlds greatest Donkey Kong player; and Steve Wiebe, the man who set out to beat him.
The movie opens this weekend in select cities and will be expanding in the weeks that follow. You can see the schedule here, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask your local indie movie house if they’ll get a print soon.

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