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SDCC ’08 – Con Roundup

San Diego Comic-Con was this weekend, for those of you living in a hole in the ground, and the comics news came fast and furious. There’s a lot of chaff to sort through, so hit the jump for a rundown of the major headlines, including a million things Watchmen-related. Oh, and some other comic stuff too.
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Watching the Watchmen

For those of you not going to The Dark Knight this weekend (and by the way, if you exist, and you’re reading this site, WTF man), your big chance to see the Watchmen trailer has arrived.

And for those of you who ARE going, but are as impatient as me, well, your big chance to see the Watchmen trailer has also arrived.

Hesitant as I am on the idea of this movie delivering the goods, I have to say this – Zack Snyder’s movies cut one hell of a trailer.

Alright, quit gawking at the words and watch the trailer already!

Wolverine & The X-Men – New Trailer

The original trailer for this show caused quite a stir when it surfaced, not to mention a lawsuit regarding the music that was used. This time? Well, the new trailer that’s just been released may be music-free, but it rocks my world harder than ever. They’re really pulling from some of the darker material in the comics, and this show looks – oh hell, just ignore me and watch the video already:

Hi-res version can be found here. (Though it just looks a little squished on my screen.)

Free Comic Book Day 2008

Free Comic Book Day 2008

Saturday, May 3rd is here, and just like every first Saturday of May since the dawn of time, that means Free Comic Book Day is here too.

Now, I realize that to the layman this may lead you to believe that you can walk into any old comic shop, grab any old book, and walk out. Nay! This is untrue! There is a specific set of books available for this, though with some careful choosing, you can end up with some truly excellent comics. Let Powet be your guide, and keep an extra eye out for these books:

Of course if you’re a sucker for Marvel and DC, Marvel’s putting out a new X-Men book and DC’s reprinting two fantastic books of theirs – All Star Superman #1 and Tiny Titans #1. But seriously, if I don’t find a copy of Atomic Robo, my tiny little heart may start breaking.

Venture Bros. Season 3 Trailer Hits The Web

If you’ve been keeping up on the New York Comic-Con news from last week, you’ll note that there was only one newsworthy item to come out of the entire show – There’s a new trailer out for Season 3 of Venture Bros.

Quick Stop Entertainment got the scoop, but – nice guys that they are – the video is free to be embedded everywhere, from here to your bedroom ceiling. Assuming, of course, your bedroom ceiling is A) made of HTML and B) capable of handling this much awesome.

So grab a seat, sit back, and get ready to be teased. And keep an eye out for a wicked sweet G.I. Joe parody about 3:55 into the thing.

Venture Brothers Live Again on June 1st

Doctor Venture, Lookin’ GoodThis just in: Venture Brothers, season 3, premieres on June 1st. More random behind-the-scenes info and screenshots at the link.

That is all. You may return to feverishly marking your calendars in eager anticipation.

DC Loses Half the Rights To Action Comics #1

Action Comics #1Everyone knows Superman was originally created by two men – Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster – whose creation first appeared in Action Comics #1. As of last week, a judge ruled that the heirs of Jerry Siegel were to receive half the copyright of that material back. What does this mean exactly? Well, if I had to distill the story down into only two wildly oversimplified bulletpoints, then know this – DC may have just lost half the profits they make (and have made since 1999) off of Superman, and they may lose the remaining half of the copyright entirely to the Shuster estate in 5 years.

Now, things aren’t really as cut and dry as that – as in any legal case, there’s a lot of room for interpretation. And expect DC/Warner to make more than a couple appeal attempts as well.

But for now…
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Cream of the Comics – New Avengers / Transformers

New Avengers/Transformers #1

New Avengers/Transformers #1
written by Stuart Moore, art by Tyler Kirkham

This book, of course, will be awesome. Stuart Moore is an excellent writer. I’m not the biggest Kirkham fan, but the preview pages I’ve seen are just what’s needed for this book, so no complaints there. It features the New Avengers prior to Civil War, which means we get Captain America alive, Iron Man in pre-douchebag mode, and Spider-Man all running around on the same team. AND Transformers. And I think Doctor Doom is the Marvel villain that’ll be hanging out with Megatron, which should be utterly fantastic, as he may well be my favorite Marvel villain.

What better way to celebrate the new Transformers movie and the 4th of July (actually the 5th, since most shops should be closed tomorrow) than a book about giant robots hanging out with superheroes and supervillains? The answer of course is THERE IS NONE.

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