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New Injustice 2 Trailer

Injustice 2 is hitting stores May 16 of this year. Today Injustice released a trailer going into more depth about the games story. The game takes place after the events of the first with the heroes divided between two factions: those who want to repair the damage caused by Superman’s rule and those who want to see him back in power. According to the newest trailer, it looks as if forces from outer space will involve themselves as well. We already know Super-girl and Red Lantern Atrocitous will be joining the cast, but this trailer also reveals that Braniac is going to be involved in the game’s events too. Also, if you preorder, you gain access to DARKSEID!

More Details on Switch Launch Titles

Above you can see all the switch titles that are scheduled for release this year. As you can see, the Switch will have something for everyone this year. Check below the jump to see details about 3 of the system’s more interesting titles.

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Nintendo Switch Details

Last Night, Nintendo revealed several new details about its forthcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. Not the least of which being the launch date, price, and some of the games that will be available at launch. Start saving up now, because the console will be hitting store on March 3 for $299. If you wanna see all the details, check it out below.

The Equipment, and 1 2 Switch.


Inside the box you get two Joy-Con controllers, the Joy-Con grip (which holds said controllers), the docking station, and an HD cable. The unit can be played by hooking it to a TV, standing it on a surface (tabletop mode) or by attaching the Joy-Con controllers to the sides and playing it as a handheld. The Joy Controllers can detect distance and motion, similar to the wiimotes. This makes things interesting, as it seems that Nintendo may not have abandoned motion controls as we thought. The first game Nintendo showed off was a game called 1 – 2 switch, which is designed to be played with friends rather than by looking at a screen. 1 – 2 switch is a collection of two player minigames ranging from a old-west shoot out to a sword fight. Nintendo also revealed it’s online service. It will feature online lobbies and voice chat, free NES and SNES game downloads, and smartphone/tablet integration. The service will start out free and will become paid at a later point.

First Party Games

Along with 1 – 2 Switch, Nintendo showed off a few more first party games, including a new Mario. Arms, an original IP is a one-on-one fighter featuring fighters with extendable arms. It can be played on split-screen, or online, or with two switches. Nintendo also previewed Splatoon 2, due out this summer. Mario Odyssey, a new Mario title looks to break new ground by featuring Nintendo’s mustached plumber in a open-world sandbox. One of the environments includes a modern day city street! To close out the show, Nintendo revealed some more gameplay from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was confirmed to be a Switch Launch title. Nintendo’s website revealed that Mario 8 Deluxe was also heading to Switch, which will contain all the dlc from the Wii U release.

JRPG Heaven

The switch looks like it’ll be the go-to system for Japanese RPGS. Nintendo announced Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the system, and Atlus was on hand to show off a new Shin Megami Tensei. We already know Dragon Quest X and XI are coming to the system, but Square Enix also revealed that Dragon Quest Heroes I and II would hit the Switch as well. Speaking of Tecmo Koei’s slash-em-ups, Nintendo also revealed Fire Emblem Warriors, which looks to be a Fire Emblem themed version of Koei’s hack and slashers. Square Enix also showed off versions of I Am Setsuna, along with a new game called Project Octopath Traveler, which looks to be a side scrolling rpg with artwork similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

More Third Party Games

It’s not just Japanese RPGS that are getting love too, as Bethesda confirmed that Skyrim is heading towards Switch. Suda 51 appeared to reveal that he was working on a new No More Heroes game. EA revealed that FIFA would be coming to the switch as well. Nintendo showed off several more third party games in a highlight reel. Among these games are a new Dragon Ball Z Game, Lego City Undercover, NBA 2k18, I Am Setsuna, Sonic the Hedgehog, a version of Street Fighter 2, and Steep. It definitely looks like Nintendo may have gotten third party support down pat this time around.

Hopefully the Switch will meet everyone’s expectations, and it has a lot to offer gamers when it launches in less than two months. Better start saving up now.

$20 Game of the Week: Ridiculous Fishing (iOS, Android)

Ridiculous_Fishing_cropped_logoVlambeer’s (Super Crate Box, Luftrausers) 2013 mobile fishing game, which is an enhanced version of the company’s flash browser game Radical Fishing, is perhaps more famous for the developer’s battle with the developer of a cloned game. To make a long story short, shortly after beginning work on a mobile version, developer Gamenauts released Ninja Fishing, an game that had a similar style of play. The game became an instant success, and this discouraged the developers to a point where they temporarily scrapped the project. However, after winning awards for their game Super Crate Box, the team decided to scrap everything and rebuild Ridiculous Fishing. Thankfully the game was a success, and is one of the best games available on mobile platforms.
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Double Dragon 4 Coming to PS4 and Windows 10 In January 2017!

Double Dragon used to be one of gaming’s biggest franchises during the Nintendo era. It spawned a movie, comic book, an action figure line, and animated series. However, since its heyday, it’s been outsourced to different companies for re-releases and remakes. A few years ago we got the all new game Double Dragon Neon from Majesco/Wayforward which was fairly well received. However, Arc Systems Works (Blazblue, Guilty Gear) now holds the rights to the franchise, and next month they’re releasing Double Dragon 4 for PS4 and Windows 10. This game’s direction looks like it’s inspired by the NES games rather than the arcade originals, as the sprites and backgrounds will have an 8-bit look, similar to Mega Man 9 and 10. The game will feature single player and co-op modes as well as Japanese text. Old school fans are gonna wanna check this out when it hits on January 30.

Seasons Beatings: Fighting Game News for 2017

Hope you had a Merry Christmas poweteers! As our gift to you we’ve packed in some of the biggest fighting game news from this past month. Some of these you might have seen before, some you might not have. Check after the jump to check it out. Also, be here next week for New Year’s beatdowns, where we take a look at some of the worst, and barley adequate, fighting games in existence.

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Classic Sega Games Coming to TV?


In 2014, Sega announced plans to expand into TV and Films. We already know that Sega is planning a live action/CG Sonic the Hedgehog film. Now according to Variety, we’ve learned that Sega is planning TV shows based on Altered Beast and Streets of Rage. Stories International, Sega’s multimedia wing, is partnering with Circle of Confusion (Feat the Walking Dead, Powers, Dirk Gently) to create tv shows based upon the two properties. Altered Beast was an arcade game that hit the Genesis as a pack-in game. Playing as a resurrected warrior, players gain the ability to kill demons and absorb their essences to mutate into animal forms. Streets of Rage was a popular beat-em-up franchises starring a group of undercover cops attempting to clean up the city.

Sega is also attempting to bring several other franchises to tv and film, including Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi, Shinobi, Golden Axe, and House of the Dead. Coincidentally, House of the Dead was Sega’s first attempt at bringing its franchises to the screen. Uwe Boll directed the disastrous 2003 film while Michael Hurst (Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Ash vs Evil Dead) directed 2005’s even worse straight to dvd sequel. After that debacle, Sega can’t go anywhere but up. However when it comes to movies based on games

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Announced, Trailer and Gameplay shown.

Click after the jump to see more. For now, enjoy this.

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