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KEEP PLAYING – Splatterhouse (Old & New)

KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Disney’s Aladdin

This episode of Rewind centers around of the the best Disney games created for the 4th generation of consoles and handhelds – Disney’s Aladdin. In a day when Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts put Disney high up on the gaming food chain, does this older gem stack up for it’s age?

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KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Batman vs. Batman

KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Viewer Requests

Time time for you, the viewers to give your feedback on what you want to see for a future episode or two of KEEP PLAYING: Rewind! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think should be included and help us grow!

KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Amiga Memories Part 2

KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – The Great Giana Sisters

KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Actraiser

KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Vampire Variations Album

Welcome to KEEP PLAYING: Rewind’s very first video game REMIX review with our look at the latest fan-made Castlevania remix album: Vampire Variations! On this episode we’ll introduce the album, how it started, and how it came to be, as well as a brisk review of the music featured on the album from it’s myriad of talented remixers!

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