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$20 Game of the Week: X-Com Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)


When Firaxis announced that they were getting ready to do a remake of the classic strategy title X-Com, it came at a rather peculiar time, as 2k Marin was working on its own reboot of the series, X-Com Declassified. Declassified was going to be a re-imagining of the game as a third-person squad based shooter set in the 1950s. Naturally this didn’t sit well with longtime fans of the franchise. They hit a snag in the project, and it was unknown if the project would be released at all. All of a sudden, Firaxis (Civilization, Alpha Centurai) announced that they would be doing a turn-based strategy-style reboot, and X-Com fans the world over rejoiced. Even after Declassified was released (to mediocre ratings), Enemy Unknown became a classic title in its own right, worthy of the X-Com name. Now that the sequel is here, now is a good time to look at this masterpiece.
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Top Ten Games Hitting the First Half of 2016

The follow up to 2013's Lego Marvel Superheroes, Lego Avengers, being released today, not only looks to replicate its success, but is looking to be one of many games that will be making an impact this year.

The follow up to 2013’s Lego Marvel Superheroes, Lego Avengers, being released today, not only looks to replicate its success, but is looking to be one of many games that will be making an impact this year.

Last year was a banner year for gaming. Gamers were blessed with hits, from sequels such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Fallout 4 to new hits like Blood Borne and even surprises such as S.O.M.A and Undertale. This year promises to be even more astonishing, especially the first half of the year. So without further ado, lets take a look at 10 titles that will be hitting consoles, handhelds, and PCs throughout the winter and spring months. In fact, most of these games have scheduled release dates before April of this year.
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$20 Game of the Week: Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)

p4gPersona is a spinoff of the Shin Megami Tensei RPG franchise. Well, to call it a spinoff would do it a disservice, as it manages to stand out in its own right, almost becoming more popular than the SMT series itself. Taking place in modern day Japan, the Persona series eschews old school fantasy-style conventions in favor of Japanese high school life, and Persona 4 is no different. Playing as a transfer student, you and your friends must get to the bottom of a series of murders involving the Midnight Channel, a mysterious tv station that is said to show viewers the image of their true love. Players must venture inside the world of the tv, doing battle with demons. Fortunately, like in all SMT games, they can summon demons that they can power up. During the day, players must socialize with friends, attend classes, and participate in other extracurricular activities. The PS Vita port includes loads of new content, including personas, cinematic, and side quests. Persona 4 is one of the more popular RPGs of the past few generations, and its one of the more popular installments in the series. In fact the game had an animated adaptation, two fighting games, a rhythm game, and even a porn parody based on it. If you have yet to experience Persona 4, now is a great time to check it out.

Alternate Universe Mike Tyson Coming to EA Sports UFC 2

Mike Tyson, who in our universe at least, is one of the most prolific boxers to have ever laces up a pair of gloves, will be showing up in this March’s UFC 2. Apparently this version of Mike Tyson is from an alternate universe where he made his claim to fame in MMA rather than boxing. This is not unlike his appearance in 2012’s WWE’13 which utilized a version of Tyson came from an alternate universe where Tyson was a pro wrestler. Mike Tyson can be unlocked by playing through the career mode or can be unlocked from the start as a preorder bonus (along with veteran fighters Bas Rutten and Kazushi Sakuraba). Tyson will come in two flavors, his iconic appearance from his prime and his current appearance with a facial tattoo. The last time Tyson appeared in an actual BOXING game was 2011’s Fight Night Champion. At this rate it’s likely we’ll be seeing Tyson as a hidden character in the next Blazblue or something. UFC 2 hits Xbox One and PS4 on March 15.

DC Universe Coming to Xbox One….Wait WHAT!?


5 years ago, Sony Online Entertainment released the free-to-play MMORPG DC Universe Online on PC and PS3. It launched alongside the PS4 as well. Since then, SOE has changed its name to Daybreak Studios, and evidently broke off ties with Sony. To that end, they figured why not share the wealth and allow Xbox One players to get in on the comic book based action. For the uninitiated, DC Universe Online allows characters to create an original character, and join one of 6 major DC heroes and villains and tackle a series of quests all around the DC Universe. There is plenty enough content on its own, however players can spend extra dime on various add-ons such as expansions and new powersets. Also, PS4 players will be able to play alongside PC gamers, and the game will receive a new episode based on DC’s upcoming Legends of Tomorrow tv series. You can learn more about the upcoming features as the game celebrates its 5-year anniversary here.

$20 Game of the Week: The Beginner’s Guide (PC)


Created and narrated by David Werden, who also created The Stanley Parable, The Beginner’s Guide is yet another entry whose unique form of storytelling takes precedence over any gameplay. However, the game takes a different approach to storytelling than the Stanley Parable did, and it also takes a different tone to boot. The Beginner’s Guide clearly isn’t meant for everyone, but those who approach it with an open mind will find a whole new experience. Narrated by Dave, The Beginner’s Guide is a collection of games created by a friend of his named Coda. Many of the games are seemingly incomplete and broken, and it was clear that they were never meant to be released to the public. So why did Dave release these games? Is he trying to learn more about his friend, or is there a deeper meaning to them? You’ll have to play it and see. While many will dismiss this as yet another ‘Walking Simulator’, those that play it will experience more of Werden’s unique style of storytelling, complete with a twist people won’t see coming.

Akuma Comes to Tekken 7!

While we’re still waiting on news for Namco’s long awated Tekken X Street Fighter, Japanese arcade gamers will get a taste of it early next year as Street Fighter’s Akuma will be part of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, an expansion/update for the arcade version of Tekken 7. Unlike most guest-style characters, Akuma will actually have a place in teh game’s storyline. Although this is Japan-only, there is no doubt that it will be released in the U.S in some form. Currently, the vanilla version of Tekken 7 is slated to be released on Xbox One and PS4 early next year.

2015 Playstation Experience Keynote and Game Awards News


This past Saturday was the 2015 Playstation Experience Keynote, and this past Thursday was the 2015 Game awards, and both events have yielded some big news. I’ll summarize the bigger items in this post, so click after the jump to get the lowdown for what you’ll be looking forward to playing the rest of this year and in 2016.
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