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Green Everyday 2015

 I just knew you were looking forward to this!

I just knew you were looking forward to this!

This Friday is of course Black Friday, the official kick off to holiday shopping season, complete with insane deals that equally insane people will do equally insane shit to get their hands on. Now I know a lot of you poweteers wanna cash in on those insane deals, but you’re not looking to get trampled, let alone camp outside of Best Buy for the 5pm Thursday night doorbuster deals. So for the interest of all poweteers, might I present Green Everyday, Powet’s 24/7/365 special. This is a collection of video games that are available for $20 or less year round, and they may even cost less due to various Black Friday deals. All of these titles are also downloadable via online digital distribution so you don’t even gotta leave the house to cash in on these deals. Some of these games you’ve seen before, and some of these games you haven’t. Click after the jump and read on!
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Long Delayed Street Fighter X Gi-Joe Comic Adaptation Finally Seeing the Light of Day this February!


..And only 23 years after the merchandising tie-ins! Well not exactly (the comic was onlyannounced at comic con this past summer), but IDW publishing is putting out a 6-issue miniseries that pits Capcom’s pugilists against Hasbro’s Real American heroes. Written by Aubrey Sitterson (Hulk, Superman, Tech Jacket) and penciled by Emilio Laiso (Hack/Slash), SFXGJ will see M.Bison and Destro team up to hold a martial arts tournament with fan favorites such Ryu, Snake Eyes, Chun-Li, and Scarlet looking to take them down. Hopefully this will lead into a sequel featuring characters from Mortal Kombat. Or an ACTUAL VIDEOGAME!!

Nintendo Direct News Lineup

This past Thursday, Nintendo held it’s first Nintendo direct since the passing of former president Satoru Iwata. Though his absence was felt, there are a lot of new and exciting developments that came from the big N. If you don’t wanna watch teh full video, you can check out some of the high points after the jump.

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You Got Your Fallout 4 in my Forza!


I gotta admit, Forza is the last place I’d expect to see a Fallout 4 tie in, but here it is. The recently released Forza 6 is getting a Fallout themed racing pack featuring two cars inspired by the upcoming sequel. The first is a rusty 1956 Ford F100 with a Vault-tech inspired paint-job while a second vehicle, a Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe, will be available soon for only a limited time. I can’t imagine putting your beat up Ford F100 up against the game’s multi-million dollar sports cars, but hey, whatever makes you happy. This isn’t the only Fallout 4 promotion either. Bethesda has partnered with Jones Soda Co (the maker of all those bottled hipster sodas with pictures on them) and Target to produce Nuka-Cola Quantum, a brand of cola inspired by the game’s radioactive beverage which has it’s caps used as currency. Fortunately, unlike its digital counterpart, there will be no trace of radioactivity. As you know, Fallout 4 hits next Tuesday for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Hopefully this should tide you over until then.

$20 Game of the Week: Odallus The Dark Call (PC)


For the past few years, there has been a trend in gaming. More and more newer games have been taking a classic retro approach to the point where you’d swear the newest release was an NES game rather than something you see on Xbox One, Steam, or PS4. Games such as Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, and Retro City Rampage have relied on a minimalist retro design rather than utilizing the latest graphical engines. You know what? I’m cool with it. Guys like me grew up playing games like these, and it’s always nice to see a throwback to gaming’s classic era. Odallus – The Dark Call is the latest entry to utilize this style of game design, and fans of classic gaming will love it.
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$20 Game of the Week: Her Story (PC, OSX, iOS)


Created by designer Sam Barlowe (Silent Hill Origins, Silent Hill Shattered Memories), indie game Her Story is a throwback to Sega CD FMV games of the 90s. However, it has more in common with games like Gone Home and Hate Plus in the way that you are given the narrative in pieces and have to rely on your critical thinking skills to put together the details. You are given the task to revisit a 1994 murder case, and you have to piece together the details by examining a database of videos stored on an old computer. The videos are consist of a series of interviews with a woman suspected of killing her husband. You have to dig through the database by using keywords. When you find results, you will only be able to access 5 at a time even though the results might have bought back more. Therein you have to examine the videos in order to find additional keywords in order to filter through the videos. As you keep looking at the video footage, it becomes clear that there is more going on with this woman than just the murder. While there is a completion message and a credit sequence at some point, there is no real ending to this game (even if you unlock all the videos), and the plot is open to your interpretation. Like other games of its type, it obviously isn’t going to appeal to everyone. However, if you love a good story, Her Story is a good way to spend $4.99.

Legion and Hellfire Coming to TV


This past August, there were reports that Fox was interested in bringing a live action X-men series to TV. Today, we got details on two new series that are coming to TV thanks to a partnership between Fox and Marvel TV. Hellfire will be coming to Fox while Legion will be coming to FX with a pilot already being ordered. Both projects are executive produced by X-men movie director Bryan Singer, with Legion having Noah Hawley (Fargo) attached to it as head writer. Hellfire will take place during the late 60s and follow the exploits of the club of millionaire mutants that was introduced in X-men First class, and is features prominently in the comics. A special agent investigates the group after learning that a powerful woman is in charge of the group. Legion will tell the story of Charles Xavier’s illegitimate son, David Haller, a powerful mutant with schizophrenia. While there are obviously no details in the way of date, stars, timeslot, or even if these shows are in X-men movie continuity, this is certainly exciting news for fans of Marvel’s merry mutants. It’s even more surprising to see Marvel TV and Fox working together in spite of Fox’s stinginess over the X-men and Fantastic Four rights.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Coming to Consoles, Sans F2P


Marvel Puzzle Quest is a popular free-to-play adaptation of D3 Go’s Puzzle Quest franchise. Based loosely on 2009’s Dark Reign storyline, players collected heroes and utilized them in a match-3 game in order to bring down several of Marvel’s top villains, unlocking and leveling up their heroes as the game progressed. Thanks to Wayforward (Contra 4, Shantae, Mighty Switch Force Go), the game will be hitting Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 later this year as a fully paid title. The game itself will be $14.99 when it releases, and players won’t have to buy bundles of coins or ISO-8. As the game won’t feature all of the heroes from the mobile game at launch (as of now the mobile versions of the game feature over 80 unlockable heroes including Lady Thor), the game will have downloadable content releases. The game will feature local and online multiplayer, which isn’t in the mobile game. No word on the exact release date, but it will be on display at this week’s New York Comic Con along with a version of Puzzle Quest based on Adventure Time. While I would like to see versions of the game for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, this will still be a perfect deal for fans who are intrigued by the game but were put off by the f2p features from the mobile game.

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