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Lost Classics: Codename Tenka (Playstation 1)


If a game like Tenka had been released in this age of gaming, it would have been dismissed as another me-too dudebro shooter. Thankfully, it was released during the Playstation One era, and its graphics and gameplay helped to set itself apart from other first person shooters of the day. Taking control of Joseph Tenka, you are out to get revenge against the sinister corporation Trojan Inc after you are attacked by one of its experimental bioweapons. You’ll make your way through 20 levels while shooting a variety of enemies. This game was notable for a few reasons. First, instead of picking up a series of weapons, Tenka just carries one gun, and picks up enhancements for it that lets it shoot different types of ammo. Secondly, it was one of the first FPS games to render enemies in 3D (as opposed to using pixelated 2D sprites) and feature a crouch button. While neither of these seem like that big a deal, they both added new enhancements on both graphics and gameplay. Developed by Pygnosis (Lemmings), Tenka was another classic addition to the FPS genre and deserves it’s place alongside the Rise of the Triads and Duke Nukems.

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Lost Classics: Reloaded (Playstation 1)


Reloaded, from Gremlin Interactive and Interplay is a sequel to Loaded, a top down shooter for the original Playstation. You (and a friend if playing 2-player mode) choose one of 6 psychotic mercenaries (plus a hidden 7th) as you hunt down Charming Handsome Erudite Bastard, a.k.a C.H.E.B, a madman who framed the mercenaries for various crimes. The characters include The Consumer, a cannibal sexpot, and Sister Magpie, a robot nun. Obviously these characters weren’t very sane to begin with. Your goal is basically to make your way through each mission killing everything in site. This was made before the dual analog stick, but the controls are still responsive. It’s not very cerebral, but it doesn’t try to be. If you want something with a deep storyline and plot, go play some Mass Effect. For classic shooter fans, you can grab this off the Playstation Network for $5.99

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Lost Classics: Project Horned Owl (PS1)


Project Horned Owl is a classic Playstation light gun shooter, and one of the few available for the system. Taking place in a futuristic world, you (and a friend if playing co-op) take control of two policemen out to stop a terror plot. You’ll blast your way through criminals, cyborgs, and mechs throughout the game’s 5 stages. If the mech designs look familiar, that’s because manga artist Masamune Shirow, the man behind Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell did character designs for this game. The game has bright anime-styled graphics and fully voiced cutscenes. Despite it’s roughness, fans of old school rail shooters like Lethal Enforcers and Operation Wolf will love this game. Hopefully it will show up on Playstation Network if it isn’t there already. It’s just too bad there are no PS3 light gun accessories to play it with.

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POWETCAST 149: We Bought A PS2

powetcast149Zac, Adam, and Will do not sing anything at the end of this episode.

We look back at the PS2, Look forward at Retro City Rampage, talk about the end of life and contemplate insuring a party bus.

The Powetcast theme song, “Button Masher” is now available for free download!

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Direct Link:POWETCAST 149: We Bought A PS2

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Maximum Letdown: Contra – Legacy of War (PS1, Sega Saturn)

Contra – Legacy of War represents one of the franchise’s lowest points. As the sequel to the Genesis classic Contra – Hard Corps, Legacy of War should have used the Playstation’s processing power to bring the franchise to the next generation with full force. Instead, it became one of the bastard step children of one of Konami’s most beloved franchises, right along side the Nintendo 64 Castlevania titles.
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Lost Classics: Alien Trilogy (Playstation 1, Sega Saturn)

In space, no one can hear you scream. Before Pitch Black, Dead Space, and any other space horror, there was Alien. The horrifying Xenomorphs scared moviegoers shitless throughout 3 films (and a forgettable 4th along with the two Alien vs Predator movies), hundreds of comic books, and several video games. Alien Trilogy, an FPS from the 32 bit era, bought players up close and personal to the xenomorphs like never before. While it clearly pales by today’s standards, Alien Trilogy matched the dark mood of the films like no other video game before it, and few games have afterward. Playing as series heroine Ripley, you shoot your way through a storyline loosely based on all 3 films in the franchise as you shoot various Aliens throughout an abandoned space colony. It’s you, along against the aliens in the colony’s dark hallways. While the graphics show their age, and the level design tends to be a bit confusing, Alien Trilogy stands as one of the best FPS games of the 32-bit era. There is little chance of it being available in any form, so this is a disc you’ll have to hunt down.

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Lost Classics: Jet Moto (Playstation 1)

Despite its steep learning curve, Jet Moto became a cult classic on the original Playstation, and is one of the many franchises that Playstation 1 gamers wish to see revived. Developed by SingleTrac(Twisted Metal), Jet Moto was the future version of motocross, as you took control of a hoverbike with a rocket engine on the rear. Playing as one of several unique characters, you make your way through several unlockable tracks as you try to win each race. The game’s physics system made the handling something special, although proper handling was downright chaotic for new players. The game’s steep learning curve scared many players off, but players who stayed on board were well rewarded as they mastered their vehicle, along with each curve and bend of the game’s tracks. The comic book art style (featuring some sexy pin up girls) and Pulp Fiction-style soundtrack also helped to keep players hooked. The PC version of the game improved on the Playstation original’s graphics and multiplayer, and two sequels added even more features to Jet Moto. After the Playstation 1 years, the series basically disappeared as two planned sequels were canceled early in development. All three Jet Moto games are available on the Playstation Network for download, so if you like hardcore racing, check them out.

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E3 2012: All Playstation Trailers Playlist

These are all the videos from Sony’s Playstation Press event. No introductions, no interruptions!

Enjoy, and post your thoughts about any of these videos in our comments section!

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