Look, we all miss Conan. Its OK. Lets move on.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is probably the most geek friendly network TV show on the air, and they tested the limits. This week was “Video Game Week” since Jimmy couldn’t go to E3, he brought on a game demo every night. Last night for the finale he had Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Amie show of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Jimmy mentions the last DK game he played was on N64, and then Reggie tried to correct him by saying it was a Super NES game. Nintendo’s revisionist history at work.

Hit the jump for demos for Jimmy playing Killzone 3, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Kinect, and Call Of Duty Black Ops.

Killzone 3:

Need For Speed:

Call of Duty Black Ops

Microsoft Kinect