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Gaming Archaeology: R.O.B.

Powet Presents a repost of one of our most popular videos… A tribute to R.O.B. on the NES. Since his inclusion in Super Smash Bros Brawl, a lot of people have been looking for more information.

He’s become an increasingly popular cameo in first-party Nintendo games, but what the Hell is R.O.B.? How does it work? Have you ever played Gyromite without cheating?

Original Post from June 29, 2006: Gaming Archaeology: R.O.B.

Brand-New Totaka’s Song Discovery!

Submitted by Powet reader Nathanael Wade, we have some blurry video from an Animal Crossing E-Reader card. I’ll take some legible video once I track the card down for myself, but for now: here’s some of what you get when you scan Animal Crossing card #P15…

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Totaka Tidbit

This is not a new discovery. This has been a known piece of information since before I came upon the subject, but someone was nice enough to capture it on video for us, and that is new. For your trivial pleasure, we have Totaka’s Song and how to find it in “Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru.” Some English spellings of the title will differ, but it literally translates to “For the Frog the Bell Tolls.” Whatever you call it, the game was a Japan-exclusive release for the original Game Boy:

Apple shows iPhone, Motorola screams bloody murder

iphone.jpgIt’s the toast of the town already, but in case you were under a rock, Steve Jobs got up on a stage and felt alive again today. His computer company will soon bring us the most comprehensive piece of pocket-sized electronics ever marketed to normal people.

As you can already see in vivid color on Apple’s web site, the iCameraNewtonBrowserPhonePod, or “iPhone” for short will do everything but link up for multiplayer on your old GBA games.

It’ll be godawful expensive, but I look forward to seeing fewer Razrs on the street.

Gaming Archaeology: Totaka’s Song, Part 3

One of Nintendo’s music composers, Kazumi Totaka, likes to hide a certain signature tune in the deepest, darkest crannies of his games. For details on the established facts, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our coverage on the subject.

Today, we bring you a brand-new viewer-submitted discovery from within Luigi’s Mansion, a game previously previously held as my white whale.

Also: a nod to Wii Sports. Let’s all go dissect it.

Official Wireless Controller for PS2 Guitar Hero now widely available

Wireless HeroOne time, I saw a TV commercial for Guitar Hero II. In that commercial, two young men are shown playing different controllers side-by-side. One hero holds the Cherry version of the SG controller, which has been available through various means since the original Guitar Hero game came out, and is now commonly bundled with Guitar Hero II. The other player is shown holding a strangely-shaped white and black guitar that I’d never heard of before, and never heard of again until I saw it at my local Target store.
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Gaming Archaeology: Totaka’s Song Revisited

Back in September, I posted this video about a secret song hidden in many Nintendo games. The reception was very positive, and now I return to you with two new findings: one from Pikmin 2, and one from Virtual Boy Warioland. I also endeavor to inform on more games where you might want to look.

Credit goes to Nick Barba for finding the song in Virtual Boy Warioland, and to George Morgan for Pikmin 2.

Elite Beat Agents vs. Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!

After snagging the new in-store demo download of the America-only sequel to a well-loved Japan-only Nintendo DS rhythm game, SeanOrange and myself do a quick & dirty introduction and comparison of the franchise.

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