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The Terminator is Coming to WWE2K16

WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator will be this year’s preorder bonus for WWE2k16, enabling everyone to finally fulfill their dream of putting Randy Orton against a killer robot from the future. He’ll be joining Alexia Bliss, Page, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor, and Daniel Bryan as one of 120+ unique characters who will be in this year’s game. One superstar who won’t be a part of this year’s game is Terry Bolla, a.k.a Hulk Hogan due to the events of this past weekend. Stone Cold Steve Austin is this year’s cover athlete, and there are rumors that the game’s main mode will center around him and the attitude error. This will most likely mean that the game’s Showcase mode, introduced in WWE 2k15, will probably have a section centered around him. Of course this is all speculation, as more info on this year’s game, including it’s roster, will be revealed later on this year, usually around Summerslam. The game itself is scheduled to hit stores on October 27 of this year.

$20 Game of the Week: NotGTAV (PC, iOS, Android)


Rockstar’s latest and greatest hit has finally reached the PC earlier this year. The game tells the tale of 3 men from 3 different walks of life who are bought together in pursuit of money and power. Covering hundreds of square miles of the city of Los Santos, players will steal a variety of vehicles, put together elaborate heists, and cause massive amounts of chaos in pursuit of the American dream. When they are done with the single player game, there is a compelling online component allowing players to cause chaos on a worldwide scale. The game that I am talking about however, is NOT that game.
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Movie Posters: Southpaw

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Satoru Iwata: 12/6/59 – 7/11/2015


The gaming world lost one of it’s great innovators this past weekend. Satoru Iwata passed away due to complications from Bile Duct cancer. Following his graduation from Tokyo University, Iwata worked with frequent Nintendo developer HAL Laboratories, where he developed games such as Kirby, Balloon Fight, and Mother (a.k.a Earthbound). In the early 90s, he became president of the company, helping turn its fortunes around, and contributed to Pokemon Gold/Silver, the start of another classic Nintendo franchise. In 2002, he became the fourth president of Nintendo, and the first not to be related by either blood or marriage to the Yamauchi family. Taking over Nintendo, Satoru began an initiative to make gaming more appealing to all different audiences. To that end, Satoru was the catalyst behind the development of the Nintendo DS and Wii, along with their successors the Wii U and 3DS, all of whom provided Nintendo fans with unique styles of gaming that were unseen on either of their competitors’ consoles. He also improved communications with fans as well, creating the Nintendo Direct conferences, a series of online presentations aimed at introducing new software and hardware to the public outside of regular channels. In 2013, Iwata took over as head of Nintendo of America. Under his direction, the company nixed large E3 presentations in favor of the smaller Nintendo Directs, such as last month’s puppet show. Earlier this year, Iwata cut a deal with mobile developer DeNA to bring its properties to the mobile market.

Ever since it entered the console gaming market in the early 80s, Nintendo has been an innovator in the industry. It was thanks to the efforts of great men like Shigeru Miyamoto, The late Gunpei Yokoi, Reggie Fils-aime, and Takashi Tezuka that the company continues to be innovative. Satoru Iwata is another one of these innovators, and he helped pushed the company above and beyond what it was. The impact of his loss will no doubt be felt throughout the gaming industry.

Movie Posters: Pixels

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SDCC 2015: Mattel has acquired the Thundercats license and has product at the show


ToyNewsInternational is reporting that Mattel’s presence at SDCC will be marked by the acquisition of the Thundercats toy license. Mattel has figures to show off based on the classic cartoon in scale with MOTU Classics figures. Lion-O and Vulture have, reportedly been sighted on the floor at SDCC.

Bandai last had the license in 2011, accompanying a failed reboot of the cartoon series on Cartoon Network. With MOTU Classics supposedly winding down this year, Mattel needs another big franchise to supplement MattyCollector. It sounds like they have found that in Thundercats.

We will be reporting further updates as the week and coverage continue!

Movie Posters: Ant-Man

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$20 Game of the Week: Hunniepop(PC)


The product of a kickstarter which raised a little over $50,000, Hunniepop obviously isn’t for all audiences, nor is it meant to be. Clearly if you’re buying it, you know what you’re getting into. I personally don’t believe in any kind of censorship as all consumers should be able to decide for themselves whether or not games like this are appropriate for them or not, so I’m glad this game was made available. If one is willing to look past the ‘fanservice’, they’ll find an engaging puzzle game disguised as a dating sim/visual novel. Of course I admit that the eye candy doesn’t hurt either.
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