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$20 Game of the Week: Action Arcade Wrestling 2 (Xbox 360)


The sequel to the $1 one-person developed indie hit, Action Arcade Wrestling 2 combines retro-style wrestling action with deep customization. There is a huge variety of match types, and players can use the customization tools to design their own wrestlers and ring. Players can go to the creator’s website to download a tool to use on their computer to further refine their created characters, and there is already a community centered around the game that has recreated several old school wrestlers. The game is not polished, although the creator is providing patches and support. Sadly there is no online multiplayer, but if you have a few friends over, you’ll have fun with the game’s many match types. Action Arcade Wrestling 2 may not be the second coming of Fire Pro Wrestling returns, it’s still a hit for wrestling fans with $3 to spare. At the least it will help pass the time before WWE 2k14 hits.

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$20 Game of the Week: Pro Wrestling X Uprising (PC)


Pro Wrestling X is little more than a playable concept. However, it represents the culmination of a decade-long dream. Several years ago, members of a wrestling gaming forum were lamenting over the state of wrestling games at the time while longing for the glory days of Nintendo 64 classics like No Mercy. A troll remarked the usual ‘if you think you can do better, make your own game!’ line. A group of people soon calling themselves Wrestling Gamers United took him up on his challenge, and thus Pro Wrestling X was born. Built from the ground up (as the programmers had zero programming knowledge), PWX Uprising is a playable proof of concept which aims to bring back the glory days of the Aki-developed classics. There isn’t much to it, you pick one of 8 wrestlers and you can battle it out in 1 or 2 player matches. However, the game’s files are modable, and already fans have changed textures to give the game a new look. You can purchase it with a $5 donation, and you can get even more extras with a higher donation. While the animations and controls are a bit on the stiff side (this was in development for years), it shows the progress of dedicated fan labor and hard work. When the completed game is released, it will be even better. Learn more about the game at

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Action Arcade Wrestling 2 Developer’s Blogs

Last week we took a look at the new features in WWE 13. I know a lot of you are disenchanted with the mainstream videogame wrestling scene, so here is something for you too! The developer of $20GTOW alumni Action Arcade Wrestling is hard at work on the sequel to the Xbox Indie smash hit. Every aspect of the game is being improved, from the create a wrestler to the animations. Check out the developer’s first video blog up above, and the other 3 below. This may not be the rebirth of No Mercy, but the developer is packing some really cool stuff in this game. Also of interest is ProWrestling X, a PC game inspired by classic N64 wrestling titles. It’s on Steam Greenlight, so please vote for it so we can have it available on Steam.
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Inside look at Hasbro’s WWF wrestling figure line from the 90’s

In my meanderings across the interwebz, I came across this interesting article about some uncovered notes from Hasbro’s line of WWF figures from the early 90’s. Since this was around the time I was interested in wrestling, I found some of this particularly interesting. I did a little more digging and found the Flickr photostream of the pictures’ original source. Check out the article and then give the photos a look-through. I really liked the cartoony feel of those older figures. I think the newer figures that use the RealScan technology are missing that something that appealed to me as a kid. Maybe its just that there’s no modern incarnation of Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestling.

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