With Injustice set to hit stores next week, new details have come out concerning new Premier Skins and DLC. As you can see, the first 3 DLC characters will consist of Teen Titan Starfire, Batman ally Red Hood, and Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero. You can check out the DLC trailer above, and you can see details about the some of the game’s Premier skins after the jump.

Premier Skins
Injustice 2 will be shipping with over 28 characters, and will feature 9 DLC characters. With the Pre-order bonus of Darkseid, this makes 39. However, while that’s an impressive amount of characters on it’s own accord, Netherrealm is using Premier skins in order to expand the cast ever further. Twitter user Bruno del Villar got his copy of Injustice 2 early, and discovered 6 of these Premier skins as seen below.

Super Girl – Power Girl

The Flash – Reverse Flash

The Flash – Jay Garrick

Cheetah – Vixen

Green Lantern – John Stewart

Captain Cold – Mr. Freeze

A Premium skin is more than just a new costume for a character, it turns them into a completely new character. Although they have the same moveset as the character they replace, they have new dialogue.

Injustice 2 launches on May 16th, and is available in 3 flavors: A standard $60 edition, an $80 Digital Deluxe Edition (which contains the first 3 DLC fighters, a gear shader, and a premier skin for Supergirl), and a $100 Ultimate Edition which contains all 9 DLC fighters, 2 gear shaders, and premier skins for Green lantern, Supergirl, and The Flash. Pre-ordering the game gives you day one access to Darkseid.