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NY Toy Fair 2020: GI Joe Classified – new 6 inch action figure line revealed

A new 6 inch scale action figure line for GI Joe was announced at New York Toy Fair; GI Joe Classified. This follows the popularity of Marvel Legends and Star Wars The Black Series lines of 6 inch scale figures. Starting in the 1960s as a 12 inch scale line of toys, the franchise pivoted in the 1980s to a 3 3/4 inch scale that it has largely stuck to until today. While other lines, including Marvel Universe and Star Wars, have experimented at the smaller scale, this is the first time the franchise is trying out the 6 inch scale for its main line, though there was an attempt at a 7 inch scale for Sigma 6 (2005-2007).

The line up for the first wave includes the following:
Snake Eyes (Hasbro Pulse Exclusive)

Attendees at the NYTF panel also received an exclusive poster promoting the line with character art of the first wave and beyond.

Preorders are available below:

Snake Eyes on Hasbro Pulse

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PowetToys NewsCast for November 2011

I decided to continue this little format experiment. Here are some highlights from the world of action figures during the month of November 2011.

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Powetcast 49: Free Parking

I don’t think anyone planned on a long show. In fact, the show almost didn’t go on, with Sean and Sindra both out. But we got a last minute ringer in the form of Extra Zero, and still managed to talk about toys for an hour straight.

This may be the last Powetcast in the form you know it. We return with our 50th episode marking the 5th anniversary of next, and then a live recording from PAX. The show that comes back in March may be very different. Subscribe now and don’t miss it!

Music in this episode from the album Where Did the Night Fall by UNKLE

Direct Link: Powetcast 49: Free Parking

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The Hub Preview Video included GIJOE, Transformers Prime, and… Batman Beyond?

Discovery Kids will become “The Hub” in a few weeks, and preview advertisements like this are already running.

In addition to a selection of new original programming, these ads also indicate some classic shows as well. Fraggle Rock, which originally ran on HBO in the 1980s, will rerun on The Hub with all its Muppet goodness. In addition: Batman Beyond, a spinoff of Batman The Animated Series will be running on the network.

These are the only out of left field selections on the network. Look forward to Doogie Howser, Family Ties, Wonder Years, and Laverne & Shirley to be regular night time programs. Looks like The Hub is going strong against Nickelodeon and Nick At Night.

Early reports of the schedule indicate that the original Transformers and GIJOE animated series will air along with their modern updates.

You can see the first two days of programming here.

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