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Powetcast 53: Fatality

Zac is joined by Crazy, aDam, Sean and Sindra once again. Listen for a (spoiler free) early review of Thor, a run down on Mortal Kombat and Dr Who, and a legnthy discussion on the PSN outage.

Also, Osama Bin Laden’s death was announced while we were recording, so the last few minutes of the show take a weird turn.

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KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Diablo (PS1)

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Powet @ PAX East 2011 – DYAD

Our coverage of PAX East is still trickling in as I take a look at the Independent Shooter-Racer game, DYAD for the Playstation Network.

Check our other PAX East 2011 coverage HERE.

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Castle Crashers on PSN gets a release date

The Behemoth dev blog posted some great news for PSN users. Tuesday, August 31st. They also mentioned that they would be at PAX Prime with a playable 4-player arcade cabinet of Castle Crashers. That is some pure awesome right there. Here’s the update:

Greetings to the Behemoth Development Blog of which we reside!

Im here today to present you with the gift of a release date. After many months of certification weve finally secured an actual day for USA, Canada, and Mexico for Castle Crashers on the PlayStation Network. This gift is Tuesday, August 31st!!!!

Weve been working on Castle Crashers for PSN for about a year and a half. In that time Ive had the fortune of meeting everyone at tradeshows and lots of people will ask me, Cmon what is taking so long?. I have to say that weve felt the same way our whole teams goal is to make you all happy so we want to share it right now!! Were super antsy. But like all of our games we can never rush anything as its necessary to make sure that every little piece is airtight. and fun!

Weve teamed up with some other sites to give you a full list of contests for a chance to win free stuff. Be on the look out for these dates as we inch closer to the release. Perhaps something wonderful will be obtained?

Finally, were going to be at PAX (Penny-Arcade Expo) on September 3-5th at Booth #3102 so come on by and check out both Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater. We are building a 4-player Castle Crashers arcade cabinet which you can use at the show! Look out X-Men/Predator/Simpsons were coming after your distant memories!!!!


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Powet Alphabet: S is for 16-bit

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.
The sixteen bit era of video games is considered by many to be the bridge between the past and modern eras of video gaming, and there were two kings of the ring: Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega’s Genesis. Though there were more powerful systems that sprang up around the time, it would be these two that would outlast and outperform all of them, thanks to their accessibility. This was due not only to the technologies that the two systems boasted under the hood, but also with the library of games that were released for the two. It also gave rise to some of those most heated fanboy wars of our hobby. If you think system wars are bad now, you should have seen how bad it was during the 16-bit days, especially when system manufacturers were openly taking pot shots at each other. However, it was pointless for fanboys of both systems to argue with each other, as both systems not only had an equally impressive library of games (even if many multiplatform releases on the Sega Genesis tended to have inferior audio and visual quality to their SNES counterparts), but they outlasted and outsold the more powerful systems that sprang up around the same period. Click below to take a look back at one of gaming’s most exciting eras.
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Happy Birthday Playstation!

250px-PlayStationConsole_bkg-transparentJust wanted to give a quick shout-out to the original Playstation for reaching its 15th anniversary! 15 years ago today, the Playstation became the first retail-hit of the 32-bit 5th generation of gaming consoles, and the first on Sony’s Playstation family.

While not the first actual 32-bit console, as the Sega Saturn came only slightly ahead of it, the Playstation sported Sony’s hefty might behind it, along with a solid advertising and a slew of wonderful games. This trounced it’s early competition, and wouldn’t gain a true rival until the Nintendo 64 the following year, though the N64’s sales would still pale in comparison. This firm grasp of the gaming market rolled over with the Playstation 2’s widely-successful release a few years later.

So blow out your candles, Playstation. Consider yourself a middle-aged console!

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