If you’ve been on our forums recently, you know that many of the staff and forum members were in attendance at this past weekend’s PAX East convention in Boston, Massachusetts (March 11 – 13). Attendance came in around 69,500 people, making this the largest gaming convention in the United States. The staff was hard at work all weekend getting coverage of games, announcements, and quirky convention happenings. We will link all our news coverage to this post so that you will have one master list of what went down.

Powet @ PAX East 2011 DYAD
PAX East 2011: The Legend of Hung-Li
Powet @ PAX East – Cosplay Extravaganza
Powet @ PAX Shoot Many Robots Footage
Powet @ PAX A Look at Mortal Kombat
Powet @ PAX SkullGirls Footage
Powet @ PAX First Photos
Powet @ PAX in Boston March 11-13