Zac is joined by Crazy, aDam, Sean and Sindra once again. Listen for a (spoiler free) early review of Thor, a run down on Mortal Kombat and Dr Who, and a legnthy discussion on the PSN outage.

Also, Osama Bin Laden’s death was announced while we were recording, so the last few minutes of the show take a weird turn.

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Direct Link: Powetcast 53: Fatality

Spoiler Free Review of Marvel Studio’s Thor (Crazy/Sindra) (Panel discussion on Thor next episode)
Mortal Kombat – Sindra
Doctor Who – Sean/aDam
Elisabeth Sladen dies at 63

PlayStation Network hacked.
Credit Card #’s for sale?
1 in 5 PSN players considering XBox Live
New Mega Man Comic from Archie comes out this week
New Lupin The Third Tv Series

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Mortal Kombat Metal Theme
Gaga & Beyonce vs Metallica
A Team Theme Song

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