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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Oh Yeah OUYA

The Ouya is making waves in the console world. Not many get a chance to be a part of history and fund a new console that could change the way we look at console gaming. But will it? Can it even make money? And what value is the experience if hackers are encouraged to do what they want?

Vinnk and Sean grapple with these questions, answer listener voicemail, and talk about the new Famicom Dojo episode The Neo Geo Affair, and the onslaught of videos that are being released every week for the rest of the summer!

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Leave your own voicemail at 608-492-1923, or just share your thoughts in the show notes at FamicomDojo.TV:

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Powet Game News: June 2012

See the Nintendo Direct 3DS XL announcement and videos by Smosh after the jump!

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: It’s All About the Cheevos

It’s nice to feel like you’ve accomplished something in a game, but rather than bragging about your accomplishments, doesn’t comparing achievements instead make you judge your friends for not being as awesome as you are? Vinnk and Sean reminisce about what they did before achievements and tropies, and if they really enhance the gaming experience — or just feed into already-present addictive gaming behaviors. Also: our first listener voicemail!

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Lost Classics: Jet Moto (Playstation 1)

Despite its steep learning curve, Jet Moto became a cult classic on the original Playstation, and is one of the many franchises that Playstation 1 gamers wish to see revived. Developed by SingleTrac(Twisted Metal), Jet Moto was the future version of motocross, as you took control of a hoverbike with a rocket engine on the rear. Playing as one of several unique characters, you make your way through several unlockable tracks as you try to win each race. The game’s physics system made the handling something special, although proper handling was downright chaotic for new players. The game’s steep learning curve scared many players off, but players who stayed on board were well rewarded as they mastered their vehicle, along with each curve and bend of the game’s tracks. The comic book art style (featuring some sexy pin up girls) and Pulp Fiction-style soundtrack also helped to keep players hooked. The PC version of the game improved on the Playstation original’s graphics and multiplayer, and two sequels added even more features to Jet Moto. After the Playstation 1 years, the series basically disappeared as two planned sequels were canceled early in development. All three Jet Moto games are available on the Playstation Network for download, so if you like hardcore racing, check them out.

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: E3 2012

Did Nintendo try to steal the show, only to stumble? Is the Wii U just an expansion for the Wii, with only enough extra horsepower to run the GamePad screen? Did Sony and Microsoft play it too close to the vest, or can we expect something greater from them in 2013? Sean and Vinnk talk about the ups and downs (sometimes it feels like mostly downs) of E3, Vinnk’s game of the show Project P-100, and all of the reasons we tell ourselves that E3 wasn’t that great, even thought we just really wanted to be there in person.

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E3 2012: All Playstation Trailers Playlist

These are all the videos from Sony’s Playstation Press event. No introductions, no interruptions!

Enjoy, and post your thoughts about any of these videos in our comments section!

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Maximum Letdown: Beyond the Beyond (PC)

Remember when before Final Fantasy 7 came out, the graphics in Playstation role playing games weren’t that much different from 16-bit role playing games? Thankfully early Playstation RPGs, like their 16-bit ancestors, made up gameplay and storywise for what they were lacking in graphics, so you were still able to enjoy titles like Suikoden and Arc The Lad I and II. Sadly, this was not the case with Beyond the Beyond. This game had a boring storyline which did nothing to move the genre forward, and it didn’t exactly help matters that the game’s graphics resembled a 1993 SNES RPG. Actually, scratch that. In 1993, the SNES had games like Lufia and Secret of Mana that made this game’s graphics look like pong. Not that that was hard to do,
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Magic: The Gathering Interview with Wizards of the Coast Japan

Vinnk interviews Wizards of the Coast Japan about this PSN-only exclusive Magic: The Gathering game designed to introduce Japanese gamers to the classic collectible card game.

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