Despite its steep learning curve, Jet Moto became a cult classic on the original Playstation, and is one of the many franchises that Playstation 1 gamers wish to see revived. Developed by SingleTrac(Twisted Metal), Jet Moto was the future version of motocross, as you took control of a hoverbike with a rocket engine on the rear. Playing as one of several unique characters, you make your way through several unlockable tracks as you try to win each race. The game’s physics system made the handling something special, although proper handling was downright chaotic for new players. The game’s steep learning curve scared many players off, but players who stayed on board were well rewarded as they mastered their vehicle, along with each curve and bend of the game’s tracks. The comic book art style (featuring some sexy pin up girls) and Pulp Fiction-style soundtrack also helped to keep players hooked. The PC version of the game improved on the Playstation original’s graphics and multiplayer, and two sequels added even more features to Jet Moto. After the Playstation 1 years, the series basically disappeared as two planned sequels were canceled early in development. All three Jet Moto games are available on the Playstation Network for download, so if you like hardcore racing, check them out.