Reloaded, from Gremlin Interactive and Interplay is a sequel to Loaded, a top down shooter for the original Playstation. You (and a friend if playing 2-player mode) choose one of 6 psychotic mercenaries (plus a hidden 7th) as you hunt down Charming Handsome Erudite Bastard, a.k.a C.H.E.B, a madman who framed the mercenaries for various crimes. The characters include The Consumer, a cannibal sexpot, and Sister Magpie, a robot nun. Obviously these characters weren’t very sane to begin with. Your goal is basically to make your way through each mission killing everything in site. This was made before the dual analog stick, but the controls are still responsive. It’s not very cerebral, but it doesn’t try to be. If you want something with a deep storyline and plot, go play some Mass Effect. For classic shooter fans, you can grab this off the Playstation Network for $5.99