Project Horned Owl is a classic Playstation light gun shooter, and one of the few available for the system. Taking place in a futuristic world, you (and a friend if playing co-op) take control of two policemen out to stop a terror plot. You’ll blast your way through criminals, cyborgs, and mechs throughout the game’s 5 stages. If the mech designs look familiar, that’s because manga artist Masamune Shirow, the man behind Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell did character designs for this game. The game has bright anime-styled graphics and fully voiced cutscenes. Despite it’s roughness, fans of old school rail shooters like Lethal Enforcers and Operation Wolf will love this game. Hopefully it will show up on Playstation Network if it isn’t there already. It’s just too bad there are no PS3 light gun accessories to play it with.