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Better pictures of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime surface

Yesterday, we posted some of the first images of the Masterpiece Rodimus Prime unpainted prototype. There were only a three pictures and they left more questions than answers. Today, a TFW2005 poster, posted new images of the unpainted prototype that give a better idea of what this toy is going to be like. I have mirrored them below.

The trailer pictures seem to confirm my underwhelming initial impressions. The robot looks fantastic, with what appears to be a rotating face gimmick to show Hot Rod’s face, similar to the gimmick on the Masterpiece Starscream mold. Overall, the figure looks entirely too short though. We don’t know for certain yet, but he looks much shorter than the Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold and that is a disservice to Rodimus as another Prime. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Pictures are after the jump!
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First images of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime MP-09

Word had it that we would be seeing some of the first pictures of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime this weekend because it would be on display as an unpainted prototype at a large Transformers convention in China called Transformers CybertronCon. Sure enough, the convention is being setup right now and some helpful fans in attendance snapped some pictures. You can see those pictures and many more from the convention setup here. Check out that thread because there are some other neat things on display including a gold lucky draw Brave Maximus among other things.

As for Rodimus, the pictures of the robot look fantastic. The trailer is leaving me a little disappointed. I was really hoping they would do more with it than just make it bigger, but there isn’t much to go on just yet with these photos. We’ll know more as we get it.

Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_01 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_02 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_03

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Masterpiece Rodimus Prime concept art


TFW2005 is reporting that the long rumored Masterpiece Rodimus will in fact be Rodimus Prime (Convoy) and not just Hot Rod. They offered up some concept art to back up the claim courtesy of 2005 member, S250.

I’d be happy with a masterpiece Winebago. Rodimus Prime doesn’t get enough love in my book.
Can anyone offer anything meanings behind the japanese text in the image?

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Toy Fair 2010

Today marks the kick off of New York Toy Fair 2010 and I am just as eager as everyone else to talk about what is being revealed at the show.

Press releases and sneak peak photos were all over the web starting last night. All the info is after the break.
This post will be kept at the top of the page today since I will be adding updates and news as I find it throughout the day.

Warning: This post may get image heavy as updates continue to come in.
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Powetcast Episode 11: BotCon 2009

powetcast We just got off the plane from BotCon 2009 in LA, and now you have a new Powetcast! In the same room for the first time in years, our panel takes the opportunity to share Transformers news, delve into what they thought about this year’s convention and BotCons past, and how much everyone is looking forward to the Revenge of the Fallen.

Enjoy this special Powetcast for the week of June 1st, 2009! Tune in in two weeks for our regular news and features.

(Did you go to BotCon? Go to the Paramount Party? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought of this year’s convention!)

Audio Netcast Details
iTunes Chicklet Subscribe to the Powetcast on iTunes
Direct Link: Powetcast Episode 10: War of the Prequels

Show notes after the jump!
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Me, Grimlock, Masterpiece!

News surfaced in recent days from a pre-order listing at of a Masterpiece Grimlock possibly getting a release in March of 2009. It has been long rumored that Grimlock would join the ranks of this highly detailed and articulated line, but not much beyond that tidbit. Today, it seems the first image has come to light and it certainly looks to impress.

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Masterpiece Grimlock?

mp07grimlock.jpg There’s a lot of stuff happening in the world of Transformers. Too much for us to report on, so we have to pick the best and coolest news a let our friends at TFW2005 tackle the rest. News on a Masterpiece figure counts as the best news.
A posting at ACToys includes and image of original Dinobot Grimlock’s figure with the implication that he will be the basis for the next in the Masterpiece line. Previous figures include Optimus Prime (recolored to Ultra Magnus), Starscream (recolored to Skywarp), and Megatron. Real images of the figure can’t be far off from this teaser, and we’ll deliver them to you as soon as we see them.

Grimlock has long been one of the most popular Transformers chracters, appearing in the 1986 movie and taking a lead role in several comic series. He’s also a favorite for inclusion in the sequel to the 2007 Transformers movie. Learn more on Teletraan 1.

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Transformers Masterpiece Thundercracker on the horizon

HobbyLink Japan has posted an image in their listing for forthcoming Masterpiece Skywarp of all three original seekers as Masterpiece figures, including a previously unheard of Masterpiece Thundercracker in the top right corner.

If this comes to fruition, count me in. I definitely want all three original seekers. Bring on the coneheads next!

Masterpiece Seekers

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