Word had it that we would be seeing some of the first pictures of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime this weekend because it would be on display as an unpainted prototype at a large Transformers convention in China called Transformers CybertronCon. Sure enough, the convention is being setup right now and some helpful fans in attendance snapped some pictures. You can see those pictures and many more from the convention setup here. Check out that thread because there are some other neat things on display including a gold lucky draw Brave Maximus among other things.

As for Rodimus, the pictures of the robot look fantastic. The trailer is leaving me a little disappointed. I was really hoping they would do more with it than just make it bigger, but there isn’t much to go on just yet with these photos. We’ll know more as we get it.

Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_01 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_02 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_03