powetcast We just got off the plane from BotCon 2009 in LA, and now you have a new Powetcast! In the same room for the first time in years, our panel takes the opportunity to share Transformers news, delve into what they thought about this year’s convention and BotCons past, and how much everyone is looking forward to the Revenge of the Fallen.

Enjoy this special Powetcast for the week of June 1st, 2009! Tune in in two weeks for our regular news and features.

(Did you go to BotCon? Go to the Paramount Party? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought of this year’s convention!)

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Sean “Didn’t Get Mistaken for Zac Braff” Corse

(BotCon) News
*Animated is definitely no more
**Working on a new show for their new children’s network, hence the cancellation of the Cartoon Network property
*”Animated will set the tone” for the new series
*Toys 2009-2010
**Animated: Arcee, Rodimus Minor, Cybertron Ratchet, Cybertron Ironhide, Fugitive Waspinator, Blackout (Earth mode), Electrostatic Soundwave, Goldfire Grimlock,
**Any remaining Animated toys may come out as part of Classic/Universe/whatever-it’s-called
**Movie Bludgeon (enemy of Jungle Assault Ironhide)
**Sideways movie toy not an Audi
*Nimoy (rumored as The Fallen) might not have made it into the movie — could just be a shout-out
*Tyrese stories

*Ten Years of TF Fandom
**1999 – Ben Yee, Beast Machines, Bigbot, Allspark
**2001 – First general meetup
**2003 – OTFCC
**2006 – First Powet convention video
**2009 – More Powet! Two Transformers movies. Lots of kids.

Cool Beans

*Transformers 2 Clip (from Paramount Party)

*Transformers: Animated Series Finale

*Activision Game (Xbox 360/PS3, Wii, PS2, DS)

*Botcon Hauls

*LOTS of BotCon coverage. More going up during the week.
*Orci and Kurtzman Q&A
*Activision Games
*Transformers: Animated – Weird Al and David Kaye
*Star Trek review (last week)
*Powet Toys: BotCon edition? (this week)
*More BotCon stuff! (next week)