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PowetToys Newscast for July 2012

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Masterpiece Sideswipe (Lambor), Soundwave, and Red Alert unveiled

Tokyo Toy Show brought us a great deal of news last week and I wanted to make sure I collected the major highlights all in one place. Those major highlights, if you haven’t heard yet, were the official unveiling of 3 new Masterpiece Transformers figures. I have included video of the presentation below. The Masterpiece portion begins at the 15 minute mark.

For lots of information and pictures, continue with us after the jump!
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Masterpiece Sideswipe revealed

A scanned page from a Japanese magazine has been floating about today revealing the next figure in the Transformers Masterpiece line in Japan. That figure is MP-12 Lambor, or Sideswipe, as he is known state-side. The image looks like a cgi rendering of the figure. It is interesting to note that the image shows him being in scale with the MP-10 Optimus Prime figure. A silhouette is also shown of MP-13 whose identity is still a mystery.

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Transformers Masterpiece Ultra Magnus rough concept surfaces

It looks like one of the Transformers designers from TakaraTomy dropped a bombshell on twitter. While showing some images of the new MP10 Optimus Prime figure, Shogo Hasui also posted a picture of a rough Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. The image shown is a very rough concept of slapping armor onto the latest version of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold. Obviously, this is very rough, but it sure looks like it has potential.

Source: Allspark

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First image of US Edition Masterpiece Rodimus revealed

OZFormers got the scoop with the first image of the more international release of Masterpiece Rodimus. Certain rumors seem to be confirmed in that he will not come with his trailer, but will be accompanied by a new targetmaster partner homaging Firebolt, named Offshoot. He is a deeper red and seems to have fewer paint applications. It is not apparent if this version will be based on the forthcoming second release with minor engineering improvements or the original release.

The color difference and targetmaster/trailer differences seem to be enough for me to get both the American and Japanese editions. US Edition can be Hot Rod, while the Japanese one can stand in as Rodimus Prime.

What do you all think about the differences? Let us know in the comments!

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Transformers Masterspiece Optimus Prime MP10 to be in scale with other MP figures

It was stated that MP-01L would be the final edition and use of the Masterpiece Prime mold. Shortly afterward, a new Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure was announced in Japan, but it would not be the same mold. As it turns out, some pictures have surfaced and it looks like this edition (MP-10) will be in-scale with the all of the rest of the Masterpiece line addressing the most common complaint and sole shortcoming of the previous mold. Not only that, but the figure will come with trailer, Roller, Energon Axe, transforming gun and an in-scale driver in the form of Spike Witwicky.


News from Red Leader of Kapow Toys

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Arise, Masterpiece Rodimus Prime! – New images and release info

Powered Convoy over at the Allspark has assembled a great collection of the latest images of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime. These photos are full color and are the best look yet at what is in store for this figure. The key part of the gallery is a scan from E-Hobby showing all of the features of the figure (shown above). I’ll let the pictures do the talking after the jump. Fair warning, the images are fairly large and may cause the page to load a little slow. Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime concept art
First images of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime MP-09
Better pictures of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime surface
Color photos of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod. Yes, its both.
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Color photos of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod. Yes, its both.

The internets are abuzz this morning with some color photos surfacing of the Masterpiece Rodimus Prime figure that we’ve heard about before and seen an unpainted prototype of at a recent convention in China. YFrog user GENograw posted images to his account showing not only Rodimus Prime (Rodimus Convoy), but also that he has the ability to become Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus) in both robot and vehicle mode. As we heard knew before, the trailer section will become the battle station as it did in Generation One. Better photos are now sure to follow.

Masterpiece_HotRodimusPrime_01 Masterpiece_HotRodimusPrime_03

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