Yesterday, we posted some of the first images of the Masterpiece Rodimus Prime unpainted prototype. There were only a three pictures and they left more questions than answers. Today, a TFW2005 poster, posted new images of the unpainted prototype that give a better idea of what this toy is going to be like. I have mirrored them below.

The trailer pictures seem to confirm my underwhelming initial impressions. The robot looks fantastic, with what appears to be a rotating face gimmick to show Hot Rod’s face, similar to the gimmick on the Masterpiece Starscream mold. Overall, the figure looks entirely too short though. We don’t know for certain yet, but he looks much shorter than the Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold and that is a disservice to Rodimus as another Prime. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Pictures are after the jump!

Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_04 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_05 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_06 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_07 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_08 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_09 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_10 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_11 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Proto_12