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Transformers Collectors Club Transtech Cheetor robot mode revealed

We had seen the vehicle mode and character art for Transtech Cheetor at the end of November, but we never got to see a picture of the finalized robot mode. Today that has been revealed and we get our first look at the new head based on the previously shown character art.

It might be just me, but I think a little something was lost in translation.


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Botcon 2011 Exclusive Stunticon Wildrider revealed has revealed the fourth figure in this year’s convention exclusive box set of Animated Stunticons. As expected, it is Wildrider. He uses the Blazing Lockdown mold with a retooled head. Unfortunately the hands aren’t fixed, but the head is pretty interesting. We also got a new view of the head thanks to the Collector Club’s facebook page. Next week, we finally get to see Motormaster!


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Botcon 2011 Exclusive Animated Stunticon Breakdown Revealed

Here he is, making his fourth Botcon exclusive appearance. Breakdown uses the Animated Rodimus mold with a newly retooled head. I’m hoping we get a G2 version in a souvenir set or attendee exclusive!


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Botcon 2011 Exclusive set theme will be Animated Stunticons starting with Dead End

Looks like I was wrong about Transformers in 3-D. The Botcon website has just revealed the first figure in the 2011 Exclusive Box set. It will be a repainted Animated Jazz as Stunticon Dead End. The theme of the set looks like it will be all five Stunticons in Animated form. Derrick Wyatt, the lead designer on Transformers Animated has assisted greatly with art and design for the site.


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PowetToys: Transformers Animated Blackout

Not much to say here. I went to Botcon and he sold out in the first 20 minutes. I regretted not getting him, so I ordered him online as soon as I got home.

I don’t order toys online much these days, but boy am I glad I did in this case.

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Transformers Animated Update: Season 3 dvd, Rodimus, and Japan.

First, the bad news:

Unfortunately, there are no plans to release Animated Season 3 or to re-release Season 1 or 2 at this time. Granted, all plans are always subject to change, but we do not want to promise anything at this point in time.

Thats directly from Hasbro Q&A on This is extremely disappointing to anyone who collected the first 2 seasons of course, but also leaves anyone who missed the show in its first airings completely in the dark. Hopefully Hasbro will remember that Transformers are still PRINTING MONEY right now and any more product they can get into the market is good.
Some of the last Animated figures, Rodimus and Ironhide will appear as Toys R Us Exclusives this fall. If you want these figures, get a job at Toys R Us so that you can buy them as soon as they come in. Arcee disappeared quickly, too quickly.

In lighter news, Animated will air in Japan soon, and it got a killer anime intro sequence.

This is the best thing since Shinin’ Your Soul!

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Toy Fair 2010

Today marks the kick off of New York Toy Fair 2010 and I am just as eager as everyone else to talk about what is being revealed at the show.

Press releases and sneak peak photos were all over the web starting last night. All the info is after the break.
This post will be kept at the top of the page today since I will be adding updates and news as I find it throughout the day.

Warning: This post may get image heavy as updates continue to come in.
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Powetcast Episode 24: Form the Head

Social networking has changed the way some companies approach gaming. For some, it enhances the experience. For others, it’s the entire point of the experience. Does integrating gaming with social network make either one better?

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(Do you play any Facebook games? Do you use social media to enhance your console gaming? Leave a comment below!)

Show notes after the jump!

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