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First image of US Edition Masterpiece Rodimus revealed

OZFormers got the scoop with the first image of the more international release of Masterpiece Rodimus. Certain rumors seem to be confirmed in that he will not come with his trailer, but will be accompanied by a new targetmaster partner homaging Firebolt, named Offshoot. He is a deeper red and seems to have fewer paint applications. It is not apparent if this version will be based on the forthcoming second release with minor engineering improvements or the original release.

The color difference and targetmaster/trailer differences seem to be enough for me to get both the American and Japanese editions. US Edition can be Hot Rod, while the Japanese one can stand in as Rodimus Prime.

What do you all think about the differences? Let us know in the comments!

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Transformers Collectors Club reveals Sideburn, Membership freebie for 2011

The Transformers Collector’s Club has revealed new official images of their club membership freebie figure for 2011. The figure will be a redecoed Classics Rodimus as Sideburn from the Robots in Disguise series. To get your chance at owning this figure, all you need to do is join the club before March 16, 2011 and you will automatically qualify to receive this free figure. If you join after March 16, then you will be eligible for the next year’s figure which will be announced somewhere down the road, probably a year from now, if I had to guess.


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