Tokyo Toy Show brought us a great deal of news last week and I wanted to make sure I collected the major highlights all in one place. Those major highlights, if you haven’t heard yet, were the official unveiling of 3 new Masterpiece Transformers figures. I have included video of the presentation below. The Masterpiece portion begins at the 15 minute mark.

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The first figure unveiled was MP12 Lambor (Sideswipe). We knew about him previously, but had not yet seen him. He is in scale with MP10 Prime and MP11 Starscream. There were even photos from e-hobby’s site showing him emerging from MP10 Prime’s trailer. Amazon Japan will have him along with a set of exclusive arm accessories. Those will the his pistons seen in the Generation 1 episode Dinobot Island Part 2 where he helped dig Bumblebee out of some rubble. I’ve seen two versions of this. I think one comes with Sideswipe, the chromed set comes in the Amazon version only. I have no way to confirm that though. I think the most glaring omission as far as accessories go for Sideswipe is his jetpack that we saw at the beginning of the Generation 1 series. This site has a great listing of possible accessories that Sideswipe could have come with.


MP13 Soundwave was announced as the second Masterpiece reveal with a great deal of fanfare. He will come with Laserbeak, who can fit in Soundwave’s chest. Laserbeak’s transformation is pretty impressive as his jet/blaster accessories aren’t separate and are actually part of the transformation. Very impressive. If you watch the video I included in this post, when Soundwave is shown, he actually has a G1 Laserbeak in his chest. So G1 tapes are the same scale as these Masterpiece cassettes. Also he is shown to hold 3 cassettes in his chest, with some sort of plunger in the back you push forward to bring the cassettes toward the back to the front. He is pictured on display standing in front of a Megatron in gun mode accessory. Its not clear where or how the Megatron gun will be included with Soundwave or some other forthcoming figure. Amazon Japan announced that they would, again, have exclusive accessories for Soundwave in the form of some Energon Cubes that can affix to Soundwave’s chest.


Also shown during the presentation and on display were Masterpiece prototypes of Ravage and Rumble. They will not come with Soundwave, but will be released at some point later in 2013.

MP14 will be Red Alert. Red Alert will use the same mold as Sideswipe with some retooling. His shoulders will have wheels, his care mode will feature a police strobe lightbar and possibly more in addition to that. Amazon Japan will be adding another exclusive accessory for Red Alert, which will be a couple of parts that attach to his head to mimic Red Alert’s sparking temples as seen in the Generation 1 episode Auto Beserk to illustrate extreme paranoia from a malfunctioning circuit.