Powered Convoy over at the Allspark has assembled a great collection of the latest images of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime. These photos are full color and are the best look yet at what is in store for this figure. The key part of the gallery is a scan from E-Hobby showing all of the features of the figure (shown above). I’ll let the pictures do the talking after the jump. Fair warning, the images are fairly large and may cause the page to load a little slow. Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime concept art
First images of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime MP-09
Better pictures of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime surface
Color photos of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod. Yes, its both.

Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_01 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_02 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_03 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_04 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_05 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_06 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_07 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_08 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_09 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Color_10 Masterpiece_Rodimus_Features