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$20 Game of the Week: Lego Marvel Super Heroes


With Captain America and the X-men having made their way back into theaters last month, now is a good time to look at one of the finest digital adventures featuring Marvel’s pantheon of heroes and villains. Before licencing issues would force Marvel to disavow the existence of any property whose movie rights were controlled by Fox, and before the company’s gaming department chose to focus on free-to-play mobile games, Marvel fans of all ages were treated to an excellent look at the Marvel Universe, Lego style, courtesy of Warner Brothers and Traveler’s Tales. Waitaminute….Warner Brothers? As in DC Warner Brothers? Well it’s simple. Warner Brothers has the licence to publish Lego Games, Lego has a licence to make toys based on Marvel characters, so it was only a matter of time before this game was made, and it excels as both a Marvel game and a Lego game.
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Powetcast 125: On A Shipcast

Should this site just be renamed Ship TV? It has a nice ring to it.
This week Adam and Zac are joined by Jim and Zero. We head to Mars with John Carter, click some cows on Facebook, talk to animals with Max Payne, and do a walk-and-talk on the Newsroom.

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Direct Link:Powetcast 125: On A Shipcast

You want some show notes? I got some show notes for you right here

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E3 2012: All Nintendo Trailers Playlist

Want to see what Wii U and do for you? Nintendo showed Mario. And Luigi. And Batman. And Mass Effect. If you’re a Nintendo loyalist, you’re about to see what you’ve been missing.

These are all of the trailers and demo videos without Nintendo’s presenters and executives.

Another more 3DS focused press event will be held tomorrow.

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Powetcast 113: Open A New Tab

This show begins as we’re waiting to start the show. Crazy opens a new tab, Zac is at a loss for what to talk about, and aDam floods our inboxes with links.

This episode we discuss the movies Underworld Awakening, Source Code, and American Splendor. Then we send a Lego Man into space and have a surprisingly frank discussion on whether used games will be welcome in the next generation of consoles.

Don’t get upset if you don’t hear music right away. It is coming.

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SDCC 2011: Preview Night Image Dump

The little-known-yet-totally-awesome geek band from Seattle, WA – Kirby Krackle – had some pretty sweet pictures coming out of their Twitter from Preview Night at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, from exclusive figures and models of Deadpool and Ghost Rider’s bike, to a full scale model of the mech armor from Suckerpunch, to a huge lego-esque Super CoCo!

Huge props to Kirby Krackle for these awesome photos for those of us who couldn’t make it!

Check them out after the cut!

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SDCC 2011: LEGO gets both the DC and Marvel licenses

This morning, I caught wind that LEGO had gotten the full DC Comics license. The deal will allow LEGO to create figures and playsets based on the characters and properties of DC Comics. The line will launch in January with 13 characters including Joker, Bane, Lex Luthor, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The first pieces from the line will be on display at the LEGO booth at SDCC 2011 this weekend along with 3,000 Batman and Green Lantern exclusive figures as part of a promotion for the line.

The Marvel announcement stated that their deal would similarly cover figures and playsets. The license would take effect January 1, 2012 and would start seeing products roll out about May of 2012. The Super Heroes Marvel Collection would focus on the Avengers movie as well as classic Spider-man and X-Men characters. Some of the characters specifically mentioned included Wolverine, Nick Fury, Magneto, Deadpool, Spider-man, Doctor Octopus, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Loki and more. Select items, again, will be on display at SDCC 2011 this weekend.

It looks like both licenses will be brought under LEGO’s new Super Heroes line. LEGO scored a major coup with these two licenses and surely dealt a very strong blow to Hasbro’s up and coming construction block brand, KRE-O. Can KRE-O strike back with Star Wars?

See the press releases after the jump
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KREO Transformers stop motion clip: Bot Stars

I am really loving these shorts. Hasbro’s KRE-O construction block brand has put up another video on youtube. This time its a talent show spoof done in stop motion animation. Enjoy!

Also watch our BotCon 2011 interview with Colleen Doody, brand manager for the Transformers KREO line: [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Cartoon Network Expands DC and WB Animation

This post includes a press release as that will take you the rest of the day to read, but here are the basics…

Cartoon Network historically has had huge success with shows based on DC Comics characters (JLU, Batman Brave And The Bold) as well as Warners Bros Animation (Looney Toons, Ben 10), and so they’re ordering several new series as well as renewing some successes.

The hotly anticipated Green Lantern The Animated will follow in the footsteps that Batman The Animated series did in 1992 by bringing a character to the small screen following a big movie opening. Differing from previous DC animated presentations is that this GL series will be entirely computer animated, unlike the past 19 years of Batman, Superman, and other series.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp will join the renewed Young Justice and Batman Brave and The Bold as part of the “DC Nation” block, which the press release implies may see other DC properties down the line. Safe bet on some of the DC direct to video movies over the last 3 years such as New Frontier and Under The Red Hood airing in these slots as well.

Thundercats is also now officially being announced as part of Cartoon Networks falls schedule from Warner Bros Animation. WB will also relaunch Looney Toons in a “contemporary” animated style. CN is renewing Ben 10 and Scooby Doo as well.

In related news, Cartoon Network has ordered a series based on the How To Train Your Dragon series of books and CG movie.

Rounding out the announcements: “LEGO Ninjago” which is a cartoon series based on ninjas made out of LEGO.

You may now read the press release.
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