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Toy Fair 2013: Transformers Generations and Masterpiece lines


I’m breaking up the Transformers news by line because there was just so much information dispersed. The Generations line continues in 2013 kicking off the celebration of the franchise’s 30th birthday in 2014. 30th Anniversary logos will be appearing on packaging with pack-in comics included. IDW and Hasbro has been working together closer to try and get the toys and the comic art to match more closely. If these new reveals are any indication, they are being widly successful.

Join us after the jump for pictures and details of what is coming our way!
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IDW Launching Two New Transformers Comics

IDW announced this week that they will be launching two new Transformers series, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye and Transformers: Robots in Disguise, which are a direct continuation of IDW’s Chaos event and spring out of the Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime special they released on Wednesday. The new series both launch in January 2012.

The full press release and details of the two series after the jump.
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New KREO stop motion clip – A Gift for Megatron

I was worried these clips would stop coming after the initial launch of the line this summer, but I’m delighted to say a new holiday themeed KREO stop motion clip has been released. Watch it above and let us know what you think of these adorable clips and the KREO construction brand in the comments.

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PowetToys Quickie – RotF Brakedown and RtS Gold Bumblebee

This is a new short form format for PowetToys. This started out as a camera test, but figured I may as well make it into a video to share. Revenge of the Fallen Brakedown can be seen after the jump!

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PowetToys: Crazy’s 2011 Pile O’ Loot

As it happens, I got a new camera and some new video editing software. I took some test footage and decided to make it into a short video to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy it!

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Transformers 3 wishes China’s Communist Party longevity

Here’s a picture of Bumblebee holding a sign that says “Transformers 3 wishes China’s Communist Party longevity” in Chinese.

Bumblebee - Transformers 3 wishes China’s Communist Party longevity

Why is this happening? This all ties in to the film Beginning of the Great Revival, which retells the story of the founding of China’s Communist Party. The Chinese Government obviously wants people to see this, and they achieve this goal by eliminating the competition! Transformers 3’s release was postponed in China in order to allow people to experience this wonderful piece of propaganda without having to be distracted by something they might actually want to do.

Despite this effort to separate people from their freedom of choice in movies, some still wish to see entertaining films. Some theatres have gone so far as to just sell people tickets to this movie regardless of what they actually attend, to ensure the bookkeeping shows it to be a great success.

Freedom, it would seem, is not the right of all sentient beings…

Source: Penn Olson

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KREO Transformers stop motion clip: Bot Stars

I am really loving these shorts. Hasbro’s KRE-O construction block brand has put up another video on youtube. This time its a talent show spoof done in stop motion animation. Enjoy!

Also watch our BotCon 2011 interview with Colleen Doody, brand manager for the Transformers KREO line: [Read the rest of this entry…]

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KREO stop-motion animation commercial

We’ve talked about KREO before on this site, but now that the KREO kits have hit toy shelves, the marketing push has hit full steam. Here, we have a fantastic example of stop-motion animation using KREO kits and Kreon figures. Love these types of shorts.

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