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Powetcast 130: Chocolate Wings

Wasn’t last week’s episode amazing?
Trick question, no episode last week. Aside from the fact that I was moving cross country (again) when the recording would’ve taken place, it gave us an extra week to let people download and discover that The Dark Knight Rises discussion.
On to this week’s show, I am joined by Adam and Cap for a new hour of talk including but not limited to Total Recall, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, Transformers Regeneration One, and Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. Finally we’ll talk about moving and valued possessions and what you keep or throw away as you pack up your life.

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Cartoon Network Expands DC and WB Animation

This post includes a press release as that will take you the rest of the day to read, but here are the basics…

Cartoon Network historically has had huge success with shows based on DC Comics characters (JLU, Batman Brave And The Bold) as well as Warners Bros Animation (Looney Toons, Ben 10), and so they’re ordering several new series as well as renewing some successes.

The hotly anticipated Green Lantern The Animated will follow in the footsteps that Batman The Animated series did in 1992 by bringing a character to the small screen following a big movie opening. Differing from previous DC animated presentations is that this GL series will be entirely computer animated, unlike the past 19 years of Batman, Superman, and other series.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp will join the renewed Young Justice and Batman Brave and The Bold as part of the “DC Nation” block, which the press release implies may see other DC properties down the line. Safe bet on some of the DC direct to video movies over the last 3 years such as New Frontier and Under The Red Hood airing in these slots as well.

Thundercats is also now officially being announced as part of Cartoon Networks falls schedule from Warner Bros Animation. WB will also relaunch Looney Toons in a “contemporary” animated style. CN is renewing Ben 10 and Scooby Doo as well.

In related news, Cartoon Network has ordered a series based on the How To Train Your Dragon series of books and CG movie.

Rounding out the announcements: “LEGO Ninjago” which is a cartoon series based on ninjas made out of LEGO.

You may now read the press release.
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