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Powetcast 113: Open A New Tab

This show begins as we’re waiting to start the show. Crazy opens a new tab, Zac is at a loss for what to talk about, and aDam floods our inboxes with links.

This episode we discuss the movies Underworld Awakening, Source Code, and American Splendor. Then we send a Lego Man into space and have a surprisingly frank discussion on whether used games will be welcome in the next generation of consoles.

Don’t get upset if you don’t hear music right away. It is coming.

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Underworld Awakening is a good time, but leaves us wanting more

Underworld Awakening poster of Kate Beckinsale as Selene

As a huge fan of the Underworld series of movies, I took in it’s latest instalment, Underworld Awakening, this week. I generally enjoyed this movie, and while it’s tone was a bit of a departure from the films that came before it, it still works quite well with the rest of the franchise. Kate Beckinsale seems like a vampire herself, as she is still as lovely as she was years ago when this series began.

The film takes place 12 years after Underworld Evolution, after a human cleansing of Vampires and Lycans leaves both species struggling to fight extinction. With the plot centering around fighting powerful companies, engineered creatures and general ass kicking, the movie is reminiscent of a Resident Evil film, though still unique in it’s own way.

Kate Beckinsale as Selene shooting guns in Underworld Awakening

My main complaint about the movie would be it’s length. With a total run time of only 88 minutes, and long credits that are probably about 10 of those, the film itself wraps up after about an hour and twenty minutes. With the first film weighing in at over two hours, 133 minutes for the director’s cut, this is a bit disappointing.

Keep reading for more thoughts which will include some spoilers.
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Movie Posters: Underworld: Awakening

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