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PowetToys: Collectors Edition – Tampography/Pad Printing

And now for something completely different.

PowetToys Collectors Edition is a new spin-off series to the PowetToys reviews. I wanted an educational video series on the industry and collecting as a whole. This is my attempt in this endeavor. Let me know what you think in the comments!

ITWTransTech Pad Printing 101

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Toy Fair 2008 Galleries

With agents all over the world, its kind of amazing no one from Powet.TV lives in New York City. So unfortunately, we miss going to Toy Fair. But so many sites are getting good photos up, we’ll just use this space to link to them all.
And you can use the comments section to add more links you may find or discuss what you love and hate about whats revealed this year. covers some specialty figures.
TFW2005 has extensive Hasbro coverage
ASM will be getting more photos through tomorrow of everything!
Toy News International has lots of pictures, and a huge focus on Marvel comics toys!
Wizard Universe has press and site photos
Any other sites you know with photos? Been there yourself? Leave a comment and we’ll keep Powet up to date.

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Lego Turns 75

Lego Star Wars Poster

On August 10th, Lego celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Parties were due to take place around the world Friday for Danish toy firm Lego as its 5,000 global employees prepared to celebrate the company’s 75th birthday. Master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen started the company on August 10, 1932 in his studio in the town of Billund in Jutland. The headquarters of the global toy giant are still located in Billund. Christiansen created the word “Lego” in 1934 from the Danish words “leg godt” (play well).

Source: [via MAKE]


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LEGO Indiana Jones!

After the success of LEGO Star Wars, the next game announced was to be LEGO Batman, but now out of nowhere we get a trailer for LEGO Indiana Jones!

I won’t complain about more LEGO games, but I was kind of hoping I’d get Batman first… Oh well, I can’t wait to see how the infamouse Nazi face-melting works on LEGO characters. Or ripping a LEGO heart out of a LEGO Chest.

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LEGO Star Wars coming to PS3, Wii, DS, and Xbox 360

Theres not much more about these games that hasn’t been said by myself or aDam, but if you missed out on them, Lucasarts is compiling all the gameplay from both LEGO Star Wars games into one monster title called LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga. They’re throwing in some new stuff of course, and the DS game is going to be new from the ground up (which is good because the port of LSW 2 didn’t go over so hot).

PS3 and Wii owners will of course be happy to get the games for the first time on their platforms, but XBox 360 players might feel slightly cheated. LSW 2 came out on the system only last year, and added download content from the prequel trilogy for a price. Oh well!

No release date or price yet, but it should be soon, and even at $60 its reasonable cost for the mountain of solid fun for all ages game play.

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LEGO Batman in 2008

Back in September I said the next LEGO game and the next Batman game were going to be one and the same.

Today the news is official. Warner Bros Interactive will publish and Traveller’s Tales will develop LEGO Batman for all consoles and PC.

Thankfully, they promise to maintain some of the elements that made LEGO Star Wars great, namely the co-op multiplayer as Batman and Robin, along with Free Play using unlocked secret characters. At last, The Joker will be playable in a video game!

Full Press Release follows. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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DC Minimates released

DClogoblue.jpgI went by my local comic shop on Wednesday to pick up the final issue of Civil War and the new Immortal Iron Fist and to my surprise, I found DC Minimates! While I didn’t pick any up on this trip, I did manage to score a free poster showing some of the upcoming figures and when they are expected to be released. Start hunting DC and Minimate fans!

DC Minimates Poster

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Powet Toys: Art Asylum’s Marvel MiniMates

Don’t forget to check after the jump for more information on minimates and lots of additional pictures of other properties with the minimate license!
[Read the rest of this entry…]

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