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Botcon 2011 Exclusive set theme will be Animated Stunticons starting with Dead End

Looks like I was wrong about Transformers in 3-D. The Botcon website has just revealed the first figure in the 2011 Exclusive Box set. It will be a repainted Animated Jazz as Stunticon Dead End. The theme of the set looks like it will be all five Stunticons in Animated form. Derrick Wyatt, the lead designer on Transformers Animated has assisted greatly with art and design for the site.


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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for January 2011 – Vikor, Eternian Palace Guards, Goddess and more

This is a reminder to all Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) and Ghostbusters collectors that today is MattyCollector Day! Starting at Noon EST the following items will go up for sale:
MOTUC Vikor, He-Man of the North
MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards
MOTUC Goddess (Not a reissue, just leftover stock)
MOTUC Grayskull stands
Ghostbusters Courtroom Peter Venkman with ghost (Nunzio Scoleri)

Please note that Evil-Lynn will no longer be offered this month. She has been postponed and some leftover stock of the Goddess will be put on sale instead.

(Sorry didn’t have time to put together the other images for today!)

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MOTUC Mo-Larr set back on sale at on Monday 1/10

Attention all Masters of the Universe and/or Robot Chicken fans! The Mo-Larr vs Toothless Skeletor 2-pack will be back on sale at on Monday January 10th (tomorrow!). The sale will start at the same Matty time, same Matty channel. Noon EST. The sale celebrates the launch of the next season of Robot Chicken which features two new sketches featuring Mo-Larr. The premiere on January 9th (tonight) and the secret origin of Mo-Larr on January 16th. Two new videos were released along with the announcement (above, and after the jump) showing some of the Robot Chicken guys, MOTU brand manager Scott Neitlich and designer Ben Benecke from Mattel. This new stock apparently was originally set aside for Cartoon Network.

You can order Mo-Larr here. There is a limit of 6 per person.

Another video after the jump.
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PowetToys: 2010 Year in Review

The year is wrapping up and I figured that this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of the year’s highlights.
Think I missed an announcement or important piece of news? Discuss it in the comments! I love to hear what you all have to say.

There are a couple of images that don’t appear to have been encoded properly by YouTube during the Highs/Lows segment. The original video was fine and I could not upload it again to YouTube because they said it was a dupe. Imagine the Battle Beast Minimate with a caption of “I want to buy you!”

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for December – MOTU Classics Buzz Off, 12 inch Superman and Zod and more

Its time for another Matty-pocalypse! Holiday Edition. Up for purchase this month is MOTU Classics Buzz Off featuring lots of new tooling, a JLU 2-pack featuring Darkseid and a brand new Kalibak. Matty will also have two new offerings in the 12 inch scale, Superman and his movie nemesis, Zod. Each will be sold separately with cloth outfits and plenty of accessories!

Remember to use this page to order your items!

Some additional images appear after the jump. For more, go to ahead of the sale.
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April 2010 MOTU Classics figure announced – Sy-Klone

It looks like ToyFare got another world premiere exclusive from Mattel to announce and show off the April 2010 MOTU Classics figure, Sy-Klone. This issue of ToyFare is not actually out until next week, but subscribers to the magazine have started to receive their copies. We are not permitted to post pictures of the figure until the issue is actually on sale at retailers, so I posted the blurb immediately next to Sy-Klone. Be sure you click on it to see the text in its full glory. Seriously. Its a great font. He looks very much like the original version with the large red ring on his back from the 200x incarnation of the character. No word if he will have his spinning gimmick included. Unlikely, but after Roboto’s moving gears, I’d believe anything. It looks pretty great. Far better than I expected. Be sure to leave a comment after the jump to let us know what you think of Sy-Klone.

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Transformers Collector Club Exclusive Animated Transtech Cheetor revealed

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, especially because my anticipation has been running high for this figure. The Transformers Collector’s Club revealed their second 2011 Club Exclusive figure, Transtech Cheetor. A character model is shown using a Transformers Animated style. The art was provided by Derrick J Wyatt. While, we have not seen the actual robot mode, they have provided a nice picture of the vehicle mode. The figure uses the Transformers Animated Blurr mold with a newly sculpted head. This will most likely be the only Animated mold to get the club treatment. Transtech Cheetor will be joining G2 Ramjet as figures available for purchase exclusively through the Collector’s Club. If you sign up for the club before March 16, you will also receive the club freebie figure, Side Burn.


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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for November with King Greyskull, Grizzlor and more

This is your monthly reminder that today is MattyCollector Day! Today a smattering of mostly Masters of the Universe Classics items will be available for sale. Horde member, Grizzlor is the monthly MOTUC figure, with King Greyskull stepping up to the reissue slot for the first time. Also available will be the second Weapons Pak featuring, among other things, black interchangeable Roboto arm parts that will be compatible with Trapjaw. Ghostbusters is representing with Peter Venkman (with Proton Stream). Finally, a 2-pack of Parademons will be available for the JLU line.

Remember to be prompt about logging on just before noon Eastern Standard Time and to use this page for your ordering:
November Order Page

Images after the jump!
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