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Transformers Collector Club Exclusive Animated Transtech Cheetor revealed

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, especially because my anticipation has been running high for this figure. The Transformers Collector’s Club revealed their second 2011 Club Exclusive figure, Transtech Cheetor. A character model is shown using a Transformers Animated style. The art was provided by Derrick J Wyatt. While, we have not seen the actual robot mode, they have provided a nice picture of the vehicle mode. The figure uses the Transformers Animated Blurr mold with a newly sculpted head. This will most likely be the only Animated mold to get the club treatment. Transtech Cheetor will be joining G2 Ramjet as figures available for purchase exclusively through the Collector’s Club. If you sign up for the club before March 16, you will also receive the club freebie figure, Side Burn.


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Transformers Collector Club Exclusive G2 Ramjet revealed

The Transformers Collectors Club have unveiled the first of the two club exclusive figures for 2011. That figure is Generation 2 Ramjet. He, along with the other, as yet unrevealed, club exclusive figure, will be available for purchase only to club members. We recently posted about the reveal of the 2011 Club Membership figure, Sideburn. Anyone who renews their membership before March 16, 2011 will receive one free Sideburn figure. After that you will have the opportunity to buy G2 Ramjet and the other exclusive figure.


As I recall, the other unnamed figure was mentioned at Botcon to be a redeco of Animated Blur as Transtech Cheetor. This is merely what they were planning and has not been officially announced yet.

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Transformers Collectors Club reveals Sideburn, Membership freebie for 2011

The Transformers Collector’s Club has revealed new official images of their club membership freebie figure for 2011. The figure will be a redecoed Classics Rodimus as Sideburn from the Robots in Disguise series. To get your chance at owning this figure, all you need to do is join the club before March 16, 2011 and you will automatically qualify to receive this free figure. If you join after March 16, then you will be eligible for the next year’s figure which will be announced somewhere down the road, probably a year from now, if I had to guess.


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