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Transformers Collector Club Exclusive Animated Transtech Cheetor revealed

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, especially because my anticipation has been running high for this figure. The Transformers Collector’s Club revealed their second 2011 Club Exclusive figure, Transtech Cheetor. A character model is shown using a Transformers Animated style. The art was provided by Derrick J Wyatt. While, we have not seen the actual robot mode, they have provided a nice picture of the vehicle mode. The figure uses the Transformers Animated Blurr mold with a newly sculpted head. This will most likely be the only Animated mold to get the club treatment. Transtech Cheetor will be joining G2 Ramjet as figures available for purchase exclusively through the Collector’s Club. If you sign up for the club before March 16, you will also receive the club freebie figure, Side Burn.


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Beast Machines Transformers: 10 Years Later Video

Yes its true, November 17 in the year 2000 was the US air date of the final episode of Beast Machines.

And even though it has been a decade since the most controversial Transformers series, it still feels like a turning point in the saga. But really it was the end of the saga.

Some credit for this video goes to Mr. Plinkett, who taught me that if you hate something enough, you can talk about it.

If you didn’t think the above video ruined the show for you, it is currently available on DVD.

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