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New Exclusive Marvel Mini-mates Adversaries pack including Deadpool and Venom

Art Asylum has unveiled a new exclusive pack of Marvel Mini-mates on their blog.

From their blog:

Here they are finished and in final package for the first time, the Heroes and Adversaries 4 pack. This is a great pack that features some of the Marvel Universe’s most popular characters. Available through Toy Brigade/Xtreme Toys

I did a quick search for these two outlets and didn’t turn much up aside from that one is a toy retailer somewhere in California. Its not clear if this deadpool is the same as the one from Wave 28. Gotta say, that Venom looks terrible.


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Transformers Collector Club Exclusive G2 Ramjet revealed

The Transformers Collectors Club have unveiled the first of the two club exclusive figures for 2011. That figure is Generation 2 Ramjet. He, along with the other, as yet unrevealed, club exclusive figure, will be available for purchase only to club members. We recently posted about the reveal of the 2011 Club Membership figure, Sideburn. Anyone who renews their membership before March 16, 2011 will receive one free Sideburn figure. After that you will have the opportunity to buy G2 Ramjet and the other exclusive figure.


As I recall, the other unnamed figure was mentioned at Botcon to be a redeco of Animated Blur as Transtech Cheetor. This is merely what they were planning and has not been officially announced yet.

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Reminder: October MattyCollector Day featuring MOTU Classics Roboto and Zodac

Its that time of the month again! Well, ok, not that time of the month. Today is MattyCollector day for the month of October. There are not many items up for sale today at Noon EST. The monthly Club Eternia figure will be Roboto, who we’ve mentioned might have some minor shoulder issues. The reissue this month will be Zodac. You can check out pictures after the jump and remember when ordering to use this page to make things easier for yourself.

Side note on the Zodac images. It appears that they just recycled the ones from the original listing because the packaging doesn’t show the starburst that all reissues have.

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Reminder: September MattyCollector Day with Egon, Gygor, and Chief Carnivus

This is your monthly reminder, collectors, that today is MattyCollector day. At Noon time Eastern Standard Time, will post three new items for sale. This month’s exclusives are Chief Carnivus, the MOTU Classics Club Eternia figure for September, Gygor, the MOTU Classics quarterly oversized creature, and finally the Ghostbusters figure, Egon Spengler and a big ol’ stack of books.

Pictures are after the jump.

Remember to go here when refreshing at noon so you can order all items at once and save time.

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Powet Alphabet: F is for Flipsides


In 2002, it all started out so innocently. Takara was reissuing some of the original line of Transformers. As an E-Hobby exclusive, special variants were made of brand new characters that never appeared in the original show. The result was Road Rage and Crosscut. After that, what followed could only be described as a wave of repainted G1 molds as new characters with new stories inserted into the Generation 1 canon. This is what we may call a ‘retcon’ since the books were more or less closed on new stories from the original canon up to that point. Repaints of Hound, Sideswipe, Starscream, Grapple and more would follow with new color schemes, names and bios. If a mold had been part of the Diaclone or Microchange line, that original paint scheme would be used as an option as well.

Read on to learn about Flipsides!
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Reminder: Mattel 2010 SDCC Exclusives on sale at MattyCollector today

A reminder to fans of any Mattel products. Today at 12 Noon EST, will have all of their 2010 SDCC exclusive items up for sale. Here is the link to full order page for easier ordering. Here is a list of what will be on sale:
Orko w/ Prince Adam (this is not the color-changing orko)
Mo-Larr/Skeletor MOTUC 2-pack
DCUC Plastic Man figure (without the suitcase accessory)
JLU Starro the Conqueror boxed set (will not include Starro spores for 6 inch figures)
Cars Toon Tokyo Mater
Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman
Toy Story 3 Disney/Pixar Collection Lotso
WWE Undertaker
Avatar Jake Sully vs Colonel Miles Quaritch Figures

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Rodimus, Cyclonus, Galvatron Classics 3 pack will be a Target Exclusive

Auto Assembly, a UK Transoformers convention released a statement saying that they had a partnership with Hasbro to give away 30 sets of the highly anticipated 3-pack featuring Classics Rodimus (Hot Rod), Classics Cyclonus, and Classics Galvatron. The set is called Challenge on Cybertron and currently was only known to be a limited exclusive to a convention in Hong Kong. The set will not be released in the UK, so this will be the only way to get it that market. The press release went on to mention that it is not even available in the US, where it will be a Target exclusive. That, right there, is the kicker because thats the first announcement of who the distributor will be for the US release.

You can all rest easy now and while you do check out some of the great pictures from the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACGHK) event’s toy displays.

Press release after the jump

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SDCC 2010: Mattel’s DCUC, DCIH, Green Lantern Classics and more

There were lots of announcements on the DC front from Mattel. To see the full Mattypalooza panel that mostly focused on Ghostbusters, MOTU, and DC Universe, you can go here.

What was revealed at the panel for DC product in the Mattypalooza panel was almost entirely exclusive to

Mattel held a separate panel just for DC Universe Classics and Green Lantern classics. You can watch the actual panel here and look below for highlights. I found it amusing that the first thing said in the DC Universe panel was that there would be more reveals in five minutes of this panel than there were in all the Hasbro panels. It makes me sad that he’s not far off the mark.

Continue on after the jump for more details.
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