Attention all Masters of the Universe and/or Robot Chicken fans! The Mo-Larr vs Toothless Skeletor 2-pack will be back on sale at on Monday January 10th (tomorrow!). The sale will start at the same Matty time, same Matty channel. Noon EST. The sale celebrates the launch of the next season of Robot Chicken which features two new sketches featuring Mo-Larr. The premiere on January 9th (tonight) and the secret origin of Mo-Larr on January 16th. Two new videos were released along with the announcement (above, and after the jump) showing some of the Robot Chicken guys, MOTU brand manager Scott Neitlich and designer Ben Benecke from Mattel. This new stock apparently was originally set aside for Cartoon Network.

You can order Mo-Larr here. There is a limit of 6 per person.

Another video after the jump.