It looks like ToyFare got another world premiere exclusive from Mattel to announce and show off the April 2010 MOTU Classics figure, Sy-Klone. This issue of ToyFare is not actually out until next week, but subscribers to the magazine have started to receive their copies. We are not permitted to post pictures of the figure until the issue is actually on sale at retailers, so I posted the blurb immediately next to Sy-Klone. Be sure you click on it to see the text in its full glory. Seriously. Its a great font. He looks very much like the original version with the large red ring on his back from the 200x incarnation of the character. No word if he will have his spinning gimmick included. Unlikely, but after Roboto’s moving gears, I’d believe anything. It looks pretty great. Far better than I expected. Be sure to leave a comment after the jump to let us know what you think of Sy-Klone.