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TGS 2011: Day 1 Review

We give a quick rundown of the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2011, what was cool, what videos we’ll be releasing in the near future, and what we’re looking forward to in Day 2!

Listen to the Famicom Dojo Podcast to hear more about the first two days of Tokyo Game Show 2011:
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Famicom Dojo Podcast: TGS 2011 – You Might Get a T-shirt

Instead of being productive these last few days, all we did was play video games. Well, thatís not entirely (or even slightly) true. Find out all about our first 2 (of 4) days at the Tokyo Game Show. We will talk about games we played, people me met, sights we saw, and a new life philosophy that will make you a better person (or at least maybe get you a T-Shirt)

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TGS 2011 Day 0: Akihabara Haul

We’ve been at TGS for almost two days now, and we’re SO INCREDIBLY BUSY (and have been having such a great time) that we haven’t been able to get up a lot of our coverage on a day-to-day basis. But if this is any indication of the kind of time we’re having, then the rest of the show must be amazing, right?

So please enjoy our PRE-show video before we get into the swing of things. Day 1 video diary forthcoming!

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Miyamoto Demonstrates Skyward Sword Controls

It’s going to be a Zelda-riffic year for the original Legend’s 25th anniversary!

(Not really Tokyo Game Show-related, since Nintendo doesn’t attend the show, but you know that they had their event in response to it.)

In the following Video, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrates how to the Wii MotionPlus to control Link in the new, long anticipated Skyward Sword Wii game.
(Or, at least he does at about the 6:15 mark.)

I’m kind of glad that Nintendo has released a game to finally take advantage of the Wii MotionPlus — especially because that means everyone can get one at little extra cost with the game — just sad that it took SO LONG…

For more on 8-bit Zelda, listen to Sean, Vinnk, and Phil Bond discuss Zelda II in the Famicom Dojo Podcast

TGS 2011: 3DS add-on peripheral appears on Nintendo site

We’ve seen some images and rumors about an odd add-on for the Nintendo 3DS. Engadget alerts us that the peripheral has been listed on Nintendo’s Japanese web site with an expected ship date of December 10th retailing for •1500 (US$19.50). It will require a AAA battery. The device adds an analog stick to the right side of the controls, but I’m not too clear on what else it does. The listing also include a compatibility chart specifying what games that will work with the add-on (and their launch dates). Games include, but are not limited to Monster Hunter Tri G, Biohazard: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D.

[Image and News from Engadget]

Tokyo Game Show 2011

Hi, kids! It’s TGS time again, but this time will see a return of yours truly (Sean “TheOrange” Corse) and Famicom Dojo‘s Kevin “Vinnk” Tambornino to the hallowed halls in Makurahi Messe — the first since 2007!

Vinnk and I will be reporting straight from the show floor all week, so keep your eyes fixed on this spot. (It should be available in the sidebar, at least while the show is going on.) If you’ve been following Powet.TV’s convention coverage lately, you can expect much of the same: daily video blogs, skits, short news clips, and written reviews of our experiences at the show.

Check out a digest of this year’s show after the jump, as well as our Tokyo Game Show coverage from 2007!


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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Rocking Playing Game at TGS

Vinnk and SeanOrange preview their trip to Tokyo Game Show 2011, reminisce about their previous coverage in 2007, and discuss what wonderful things can be done with their new theme song! What are you looking forward to at Tokyo Game Show?

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TGS 2010: Lords of Shadow Voice Trailer

Tokyo_Game_ShowOne last trailer of note from me that debuted a few days ago at Tokyo Game Show, and probably the longest trailer I’ve seen come out of the show, was one for the Japanese voice cast of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This one goes through alot of what’s been seen in previous trailers, but with a wider variety of scenes picturing the rich scenery the game will offer, as well as the heavy story-fueled plot.

Keep in mind this is the Japanese voice cast, as we already know the talents of Robert Carlyle, Patrick Stewart and Jason Isaacs are among the few voicing for the North American and European dubs of the game, but it’s a HUGE cast of well-knowns from Japan – many of whom have voiced for Metal Gear Solid. Notice even Mr, Kojima himself is making a cameo voice appearance.

(PS – Quick Easter Egg for hardcore CV fans – listen really closely at 6:23 and you’ll hear a few familiar chords of “Beginning” from CV3!)

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