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Lost Classics: Romancing Saga 3 (Super Nintendo)

Romancing Saga 3 is the sixth game in the Saga series. While the Saga series is quite popular in Japan, only a handful of games in the series have made it over to the US. The three game boy games were re-christened Final Fantasy Legend, while the Super Nintendo games (including this one) weren’t released over here at all (of course, I have it on good authority that a translation exists somewhere on the internet) outside of a poorly-received Playstation 2 remake of Romancing Saga 1. It’s a shame too, because despite its differences to Square’s flagship RPG, Final Fantasy fans in the U.S would eat this up.
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TGS 2011 Day 0: Akihabara Haul

We’ve been at TGS for almost two days now, and we’re SO INCREDIBLY BUSY (and have been having such a great time) that we haven’t been able to get up a lot of our coverage on a day-to-day basis. But if this is any indication of the kind of time we’re having, then the rest of the show must be amazing, right?

So please enjoy our PRE-show video before we get into the swing of things. Day 1 video diary forthcoming!

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: A History of Console Region Locking

Region locking is nothing new. It hasn’t taken many different forms, but wasn’t always deliberate either. Many handhelds were exempt from this scheme for the longest time (including the Game Boy and DS series), but with time all things change. SeanOrange and Vinnk discuss the very state of affairs that necessitates the existence of organizations like Operation Rainfall, how they came to be, and where they might go from here.

iTunes Chicklet Direct Link: Famicom Dojo Podcast 09: A History of Console Region Locking

Get a complete rundown of console region lockouts in the show notes:

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