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TGS 2011: Soul Calibur V

See more impressions afer the jump: [Read the rest of this entry…]

TGS 2011: Public Days Report

Reporting from the comfort of Retro Game Friends on Akihabara, Vinnk and Sean reveal how impossible it is to get much done when it’s not just press roaming the nine (!) halls of the Tokyo Game Show, and how they managed to do all kinds of things anyway. Including ALMOST getting some video of Shinya Arino from Game Center CX (a.k.a. Retro Game Master), and a picture of two of his “dai-fans”.

Also, watch the camera slowly tilt to the right!

TGS 2011: Media Magic Interview with Asuka and Rei

Vinnk and I try to interview the Media Magic representatives about their new Neon Genesis Evangelion game. “Try” being the operative word.

More interviews to come! (Perhaps with more responsive subjects.)

Famicom Dojo Podcast: TGS 2011 – 3DS vs PS Vita

While the 3DS was cleaning up at Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced that the PS Vita would be region-free — unlike its Nintendo competitor. The war is heating up! Who will win the holiday season this year? Will it be enough to turn things around for Sony? Sean and Vinnk reflect on the final two public days of Tokyo Game Show, if mobile devices and “the cloud” are really the future of the gaming industry and the current oneupsmanship between Nintendo and Sony is really all for naught.

[Listen to the episode after the jump…!]

TGS 2011: Hands On Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS

See more from Day 2 of Tokyo Game Show 2011

TGS 2011: PS Vita Impressions

(Plus reviews of Ridge Racer and Marvel vs. Capcom 3!)

See more from Day 1 of Tokyo Game Show 2011

TGS 2011: Day 2 Report

Day 2 of Toyo Game Show was just about as awesome as Day 1. I played a LOT of fighting games, including BlazBlue which I had just played for the first time. At a tournament. In public. With the editors of big magazines like Famitsu. Oh dear…

We don’t have a video up yet of that fateful event, but if you want to hear more just listen to the Famicom Dojo Podcast for details!

Also, this Angry Birds tshirt was given to us by two of the developers (whom we happened to randomly meet outside of the show). Check out the TwitPic! It’s for an expansion to the game that’s all Japan and Ninja-themed to help them break into the last market where their game is not completely dominating the sales charts. Will you buy it?

TGS 2011: Mass Effect 3

Quick rundown:

  • The Squad points system has been overhauled to offer more focused specialization for each power: area of attack vs. focused and powerful
  • Apparently there is no one brave/stupid enough to go up against the Reapers (due apparently to indoctrination), but the return of this “fertile female” to the Krogans means they will join Shepard in the fight.
  • Since no one is currently against the Reapers, that means all the Cerberus troops you fight against are allied WITH them somehow — not too surprising given the end of Mass Effect 2.
  • Liara is totally wearing her Lair of the Shadow Broker outfit! Lazy? Or just continuity?
  • Heat sink packs are still littered about this game. Oh well!
  • Play controls haven’t changed much, but I often find myself rolling out of cover when I just want to stand up. Is there a better button for this?
  • All of the usual biotic powers work the same way as the last two games, so warping the armor of the final piloted Cerberus mech was really no problem.

No, really! I turned to Vinnk after I was done and asked him if he was scared for me facing off against that huge machine.

All too easy.

VERY much looking forward to this in March 2012!

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