Tokyo_Game_ShowOne last trailer of note from me that debuted a few days ago at Tokyo Game Show, and probably the longest trailer I’ve seen come out of the show, was one for the Japanese voice cast of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This one goes through alot of what’s been seen in previous trailers, but with a wider variety of scenes picturing the rich scenery the game will offer, as well as the heavy story-fueled plot.

Keep in mind this is the Japanese voice cast, as we already know the talents of Robert Carlyle, Patrick Stewart and Jason Isaacs are among the few voicing for the North American and European dubs of the game, but it’s a HUGE cast of well-knowns from Japan – many of whom have voiced for Metal Gear Solid. Notice even Mr, Kojima himself is making a cameo voice appearance.

(PS – Quick Easter Egg for hardcore CV fans – listen really closely at 6:23 and you’ll hear a few familiar chords of “Beginning” from CV3!)