We’ve been at TGS for almost two days now, and we’re SO INCREDIBLY BUSY (and have been having such a great time) that we haven’t been able to get up a lot of our coverage on a day-to-day basis. But if this is any indication of the kind of time we’re having, then the rest of the show must be amazing, right?

So please enjoy our PRE-show video before we get into the swing of things. Day 1 video diary forthcoming!

So this haul has me pretty excited, and was relatively inexpensive for the number of great items I bought. The most expensive was the fully-packaged AV Famicom, which I will need to scavenge cables from other systems to use. Not a problem, as I have three generations of Nintendo consoles which all use the same AV cables from which to swipe a set whenever I want to use it. I also already have two Genesis Model 1 adapters, and with the Japanese Mega Drive I now have one that’s actually from the same side of the Pacific!

I’m also very excited to finally to play Giftpia and play Giftpia AND be able to read it! And, besides: ORANGE GAMECUBE.