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Quake Gets a New Episode From Wolfenstein: New Order Developers Just in Time for 20th Anniversary

It’s a great time to be an old school gamer, especially if you got a PC. Between tons of HD Remasters, a steady stream of and steam re-releases, a ton of DOS games made available, upcoming remakes and spiritual successors, mod support for Sega Genesis titles, and new content for games from as far back as 2 decades ago, it’s getting easier and more tempting to revisit the classic (and not so classic) titles of yesteryear. Thanks to machinegames, the guys behind 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, there’s a brand new Quake episode available. That’s right, Quake. From 1996. Check it out above. If you need help on installing it, check out this post on Kotau.

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Lost Classics: Catacomb 3-D(PC)


Before Halo, Call of Duty, Doom, and even Wolfenstein 3-D, there was Catacomb 3-D, a prototype of the first person shooter. Catacomb 3-D is the third of a series, although it is the first using a 3-D engine. Playing as a nameless wizard, you descend into a catacomb to battle orcs, goblins, and other creatures with a variety of spells that you find throughout each level. The game was later followed up the Catacomb Fantasy Trilogy, which wasn’t developed by ID, although they use a similar engine and gameplay. These three games introduce new levels, and the third part even introduces sci-fi elements. You can get the entire series for only $6 at You’ll want to check it out and witness the birth of one of gaming’s most popular genres.

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Lost Classics: Quake III Arena (PC, PS2, Dreamcast, iOS, Xbox Live Arcade)

Quake III, along with Unreal Tournament (which was released 10 days earlier) introduced the concept of multiplayer-centered play in FPS games. These days, FPS multiplayer is just as important of a component in many FPS franchises as the single player experience, if not more important. However, from the late 90s to the early 2000s, it was unheard of to build an FPS game around it’s multiplayer component, even with the popularity of Doom deathmatches and Goldeneye. However, ID software did just that with Quake 3, and just like they did before with Doom so many years ago, they changed the way we look at the FPS genre.
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TGS 2011: Public Days Report

Reporting from the comfort of Retro Game Friends on Akihabara, Vinnk and Sean reveal how impossible it is to get much done when it’s not just press roaming the nine (!) halls of the Tokyo Game Show, and how they managed to do all kinds of things anyway. Including ALMOST getting some video of Shinya Arino from Game Center CX (a.k.a. Retro Game Master), and a picture of two of his “dai-fans”.

Also, watch the camera slowly tilt to the right!

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Powet Alphabet: D is for Doom

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

Duke Nukem. Halo. Call Of Duty. Resistance. Killzone. Goldeneye. Bioshock. Deus Ex. Quake. Timesplitters.

The list of great first person shooters goes on and on, and each game has left its own unique stamp on the genre, weather it’s the RPG-like stat progression of Bioshock and Deus Ex, the cinematic realism of Modern Warfare and Rainbow Six Vegas, the zaniness of Timesplitters and Duke Nukem, or the multiplayer action of Halo and Goldeneye. However, all of these games owe their existence and popularity to one name: Doom. While ID Software’s classic didn’t create the FPS genre (that honor many would say belongs to ID’s previous effort Wolfenstein 3D), it helped shape the face of the genre for years to come. This article will take a look at the classic and its impact on gaming.
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Id bringing Wolfenstein, Quake to DS

When I first played Metroid Prime Hunters on DS, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was an elaborate Quake III mod. Now id software’s less PC-specific branching out to consoles, mobiles, and portables is getting us a port of not only Quake III Arena but also their FPS classic (and my first introduction to floating-gun-gaming) Wolfenstein 3D.

Says John Carmack of id:

“…we’re currently looking at potentially two more DS titles in the next year a Wolfenstein title and a Quake Arena title. Wolfenstein 1 being done in concert with a mobile title, the Quake Arena title would be DS specific”

Now cross your fingers for WiFi support.

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