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TGS 2011: Public Days Report

Reporting from the comfort of Retro Game Friends on Akihabara, Vinnk and Sean reveal how impossible it is to get much done when it’s not just press roaming the nine (!) halls of the Tokyo Game Show, and how they managed to do all kinds of things anyway. Including ALMOST getting some video of Shinya Arino from Game Center CX (a.k.a. Retro Game Master), and a picture of two of his “dai-fans”.

Also, watch the camera slowly tilt to the right!

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TGS 2007: Miyamoto Taisho

TGS 2007 Logo

Even though Nintendo had no official presence at Tokyo Game Show, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance, stealing the show on the first day open to the public. 4cr and Powet.TV were there, which means you get to be too! Virtually, anyway.

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