It’s the first week since the Nintendo 3DS release, and the Japanese and outside importers alike will soon enjoy the freedom of glasses-free, high quality 3D entertainment.

But did you know that Nintendo tried this almost 25 years ago, with another device (sort of) called the 3DS?

Blip.TV Version

Direct Link: Famicom Dojo: Famicom 3D System

YouTube Version [HD]
Direct Link: Famicom Dojo: Famicom 3D System – The ORIGINAL 3DS!

Show Notes

Pick up your own 3D System and a bunch of games over at Flashback Vintage Electronics, or get one of the sweet “Wordy” shirts at Level Up Studios.

But if that doesn’t satisfy you (or even if it does), you should also check out more cool games and videos in our show notes!

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