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So what is a “Training Exercise” anyway? Read on, young student of the Dojo!

Every episode this season will be accompanied by supplemental material: Denshimail, game reviews, and — most commonly — Training Exercises. These are designed to improve your knowledge about fun facts, tricks, or peripherals that might not make it into the regular episode. The Power Base Converter is one such device.

It was a pretty smart move for Sega to include backwards compatibility on their 16-bit console. It wasn’t so smart to make that functionality completely inaccessible without additional hardware. It’s likely that Sega faced the same issue that Nintendo did when investigating backwards compatibility for the Super Famicom/NES. Nintendo ended up leaving it out completely, but Sega at least had a solution — even if it wasn’t ideal. In fact, Nintendo wouldn’t provide backwards compatibility for its consoles until the Wii — a whole generation after Sony offered the same thing with the PS2.

I guess Sega really does what Nintend–

Nah, too easy.

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