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Our next Training Exercise, and last Famicom Dojo of 2010! Happy Holidays, Dojo Disciples!

It is completely baffling to me how NEC and HudsonSoft expected the TurboGrafx-16 to get anywhere when its form factor was increased to drastically, but its configuration didn’t add any features beyond what the original PC Engine had. I guess the joke’s on me, though, because.

Also, learning nothing from Sega’s March of Endless Console Upgrades, NEC went on a spree with its many, many variations of the original PC Engine hardware. Granted, most were only cosmetic changes, but the time and money (and machine tooling) spent to produce these different machines probably put them at a disadvantage. Money better spent advertising in the US, maybe?

That being said, they had some pretty out-there ideas, as well as some actually gorgeous upgrades. A collector’s dream, but a gamer’s nightmare.

We only scratched the surface here, but we’ll uncover more as we go along in Season 2. (Or, you know, you could ask us a question and give us an excuse to do another Denshimail!)

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