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Direct Link: Famicom Denshimail: (Sega) Incompatibilities (2010/09/22)

First off, welcome back Phil Bond in his first appearance on the Powet.TV front page in a long, LOOONG time. If you don’t remember who he is, perhaps this will jog your memory.

When we put up our first Training Exercise video with a shot of F-16 Fighting Falcon, we didn’t think we’d stepped on a landmine. Turns out there are all kinds of problems with the Sega Power Base Converter — more specifically the backwards compatible hardware on the Genesis it interfaced with, that some versions of the Genesis didn’t even have that, and still others which did could not interface with this somewhat-convenient device.

We also take a look at F-16 Fighting Falcon’s REAL problem with running on the Genesis, and why it’s probably a good thing…

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